When people move, divorce, close bank accounts or make other lifestyle changes, they sometimes leave behind forgotten property. Unclaimed property usually means money — checking or savings accounts, stock dividends, mutual funds and utility refunds. Or it can be things left in safety deposit boxes or at hotels or hospitals, items such as coins, gems, jewelry and stamps.

Honest businesses surrender those assets to the state, which tries to reunite the stuff with its owner or heirs. The Idaho Treasurer’s Office provided this sampling of 75 people who own unclaimed property valued at more than $100. Their last known addresses are in south-central Idaho. But many other people are on the list, too. Be proactive by searching for your name at the office’s website, sto.idaho.gov.

You might be surprised by what you find.


Roy A. Love

Leo Schueler

Todd Van Bramer


Julie Silva


Lyle D. Dieter


Ramirez Marisela Alonso

Andersen Nelsen Arritt CPA’S

Ladonna Bingham

Max W. Bingham

Hermenegildo Oscar Marino


Garry W. Wyndham


Angela Struble


Robert Cronin

Linda Doan

Constance Ellway

Fernando Hurtado

Kim Nilsen

Marilyn Nilsen

Elizabeth Randall

Efigenia Ruiz

Colin Samway


Michael D. Teeter

Teri L. Teeter

Viola Tracy


Larry G. Cottom


Bruno Cornejo

Evan Edwards

Alice K. Neighbors

Leroy A. Pesch

Genildo Pizato


Charles Babcock

Jacob K. Babcock

Dale R. Billetter

Nels E. Bjugan

Irvin Christian

D F Farm Acct

Elite Appraisal

Kevin S. Ferrell

Maria Frausto

Gallery Motor Sports LLC Autopride

Barbara Gonzales

David J. Grigsby

Angel Garibay Gutierrez

Nathan Hancock

Jared Howell

Charlotte Maurine Lane Clark

Christina A. Lee

Sharon L. Lehrman

Faith M. Lybrand

John Mabre

Kegan McCoy

Bobby McGuire

Mesquite Inc.

Allen Moore

Paul Nduiga

Shirley A. Nelson

Julian O. Nicholson

Michael Nunn

Bruce P. Olsen

Gary J. Roehl

Pamela J. Roehl

Carl Sloth

Betty L. Sterling

T K Construction

Haley Tolman

Joe Tugaw

Marion T. Wille


Auriel K. Byington

Arellano Jose A. Contreras

Ana Dominguez

Martinez Arnulfo Espino

Cruz Jose A. Oronia

Murguia Lorena Perez

Martha Ruby

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