Happy Hour

Anchor Bistro has its alcohol license hanging up above the bar Jan. 18 in Twin Falls.


TWIN FALLS — Until the city's population estimates go up another 1,500 people, Twin Falls can issue only 33 liquor licenses.

What happens if they're all taken? A recent Big Story in the Times-News highlighted the process by which you can still try to get a liquor license in any of Idaho's cities. The slowest, but least expensive, option is to get on your city's waiting list.

According to the Idaho State Police Alcohol Beverage Control, here's who's waiting for a license in Twin Falls (ranked by priority):

1. Danbar LLC (Has been waiting since April 2012)

2. FCO Twin Falls (Since May 2012)

3. Du Nguyen Ly (Since June 2012)

4. Serenity Funeral Chapel Inc. (Since May 2013)

5. Just One More LLC (Since October 2013)

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6. D Chesey M Woody S Deleon (Since July 2014)

7. Smoky Mountain Twin Falls (Since October 2014)

8. Emma’s Café (Since July 2015)

9. David Woodhead (Since Jan. 12, 2018)

10. Daniel Auth (Since Jan. 29, 2018)


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