BURLEY — Guests at the Best Western Burley Inn threatened to shoot a security guard through a closed door on Oct. 16, police said.

Cassia County Sheriff deputies responded to the hotel in North Burley 8:57 p.m. after the hotel’s security guard said he was asked to investigate a claim that someone was smoking in a room.

When deputies went to the same room two men answered the door. The men told officers that they were traveling through town and were staying at the inn for the night. They said they were not smoking and they do not smoke.

They allowed the deputy in the room and the officer said he did not smell the odor of cigarette smoke, nor did he observe any cigarette packages lying around. The men told the officer that someone knocked on their door and did not identify themselves very well and they were not sure if someone was trying to get them to open the door to “rip them off.”

The two men said they told the person who was knocking at the door not to “barge into their room” because they had firearms and he could be shot. The report does not indicate if firearms were present in the room.

The officer told the men the security guard had called his boss and they wanted the men to leave the hotel.

The two men packed their belongings and left. There was no damage to the room. No charges were filed.