RUPERT • Minidoka County Deputy Prosecutor Alan Goodman has resigned after he was charged with drunken driving Monday night.

Goodman was pulled over in Rupert by an Idaho State Police trooper when he failed to signal before making a turn onto Eighth Street, police said.

The trooper described Goodman’s eyes as glassy and bloodshot and said there was a “strong odor of an alcoholic beverage coming from his breath.”

Goodman, whose blood alcohol content was 0.17, failed field sobriety tests, police said.

He was placed into custody, given a citation for a driving under the influence and released to a sober driver.

Goodman resigned on Wednesday. He will be arraigned Feb. 4 at the magistrate court in Minidoka County.

A special prosecutor will be appointed to the case in addition to a new judge after Judge Rick Bollar disqualified himself from the case.

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what a messed up society we live in...anyone else would have been taken to jail and have to bond

Private 1

The article said he was taken into custody. That means he was arrested.


Hate to tell you this, but most people charged with their first DUI are cited and released unless they have a bad record. Don't be embarrassed, most people have a distorted view of what really happens in our system of justice. Most people don't lose their job over something like this either (unless they are a commercial driver) but as a prosecuting attorney, this individual must be held to a higher standard. Can't violate the law and prosecute people for the same thing. No good. Its a shame when someone who is entrusted with upholding the law, violates it. It's human, but a shame.


nope...he was never booked...someone picked him up and took him home..he never made the rooster...


money or power keeps you safe in this corrupt town...




Don't cast too many stones at a man who has served our community in a positive way, and in his own free, off the clock time, was charged with a Misdemeanor. The best of luck to Mr. Goodman in his retirement and keeping positive through this.


Really, it's ok for Goodman "on his own time" to get drunk and drive, putting ours lives at risk??? Serious you need to reevaluate !!!!!!! It's about time he got pulled over and got. DUI. EVERYONE KNOWS HE DRINKS LIKE A FISH!!!!!


Why are you so gushy towards a drunk driver? How many times, do you think, has he put our lives at risk by driving drunk? The only difference this time is that he got caught. It is reasonable to assume that he has done this before. The only thing worse than an attorney is a drunk driving attorney.

tax payer

Has been drinking and driving in Rupert for 20 some years he is an alcoholic city police ignored problem.


His resignation is unfortunate. He is a good prosecutor. One would think he could fess up, plead guilty, and continue on doing his job. What better way to show responsibility and stand up to the naysayers.


Reminds me of an old movie title "above the law".

Holly Welker

This is deplorable! I would think after years of prosecuting people for this exact thing, he would know better. My father was killed by a drunk driver on Cassia County with 0.22 blood alcohol. He only received three years for that. Keep letting him off and he will kill someone as well. I guess if the "right" person is killed, maybe they will consider this a serious issue. SMH


I don't know this man personally and don't even live in Rupert but I'm surprised that people hard being so hateful. It's unfortunate that he found himself in this situation, and now has lost his job. What he should have realized a long time ago is that we hold our officials higher standards. He should have realized that his lifestyle quit eventually bite him. But for the community to demonstrate so much hate to me is sad. We need to act like Christians and pray for him and hopefully he will get help for his alcohol issues.

Holly Welker

It's not hate. I lost my father to a drunk driver. Obviously it has not affected you. It shouldn't matter who he is but considering his job and the fact that he most likely prosecuted people in this same situation... Maybe he should have known better. It's not a crime to drink until you get behind the wheel. Then, it's no different than a loaded gun. I will pray this never happens to you.


I didn't mean to imply that it's okay for him to drink and drive. It's not okay and he should be punished. What I was saying is that he needs to get help, and people need to stop throwing stones and being so hateful. I also lost a family member to a tragic accident involving alcohol. Bitterness does not change anything or help any of us. I'm sorry for your loss and understand your feelings.


I lost my sister to a man with 4 previous DUIs. We should be as strict as Germany on this. 1st offense, you lose your license for life! Driving is a privilege, not a right! 2nd offense, 5 years in prison for the DUI, and for driving without a license.


Hopefully as we say in Aa this will be his wake up call my sister was killed by a drunk driver what's sad is that he is a sick person who needs help hopefully he has hit his bottom and finds sobriety before it kills someone or himself....


With the history of the sheriffs department and now everybody publicly stating the sad shape of the city police department maybe shut them both down start over with county wide system and save some money. Might take away some of the private empire status each department has now.

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