Bus stop sign

BURLEY— Burley’s mayor proposed removing several stop signs in the city, and the College of Southern Idaho’s Head Start is asking the city to put a bus lane at its building on Hiland Avenue.

The school, at Hiland Avenue and 16th Street, has more than 100 children attending.

“Our purpose is to increase the safety for our children,” Chris Ekins, representing Head Start’s parent council, said on Wednesday.

There’s a lane available for the bus lane traveling south on Hiland by the school, Ekins said.

Ekins told the council on Tuesday that the school for 3- and 4-year-old children has tried every other solution available for loading and unloading buses safely.

“We have to make it safer for these students to be dropped off. For some of them it is their only chance to go to preschool. They are lower-income,” Ekins said.

The school prefers the unloading zone near the covered walkway and gate.

Councilman Bryce Morgan said he is concerned the school is asking for the loading zone on such a busy street.

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“My concern is 3- or 4-year-olds are quick,” Morgan said. “What if they decide to run out into the road?”

There is always an attendant with the students, Ekins said.

City Attorney David Shirley said the council needs a recommendation from the city engineer before making a decision.

In other business, Mayor Merlin Smedley asked the council to consider removing stop signs on Hiland Avenue and Fifth Street traveling north, remove a sign on Rocky Road heading south at the Deon Street intersection and remove the east- and west-bound signs on 23rd Street at the three-way stop and place a stop sign at Hansen Avenue at 23rd Street. The stop sign on Normal Avenue and 23rd Street will remain.

The city engineer said he will formalize a request for the changes so the council can consider the proposal during a future meeting.


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