KIMBERLY• Kimberly is without a city administrator again, and the position will likely remain vacant for awhile.

Nick Camberlango resigned on Dec. 20, just short of his probationary period, city officials confirmed this week.

He was hired as city administrator/treasurer last summer with the understanding that either party could terminate the arrangement after six months, said Mayor Tracy Armstrong.

“We sat down and had a long conversation and decided that we didn’t want to continue past the six-month probationary period,” Armstrong said Thursday in a telephone interview. “It was mutual.“

The duties of administrator/treasurer will be divided among other city staffers for now. It hasn’t been decided whether the city will try to fill the position again.

“We are leaving our options open for the city administrator,” Armstrong said. “Right now, we’re not in a huge hurry to do anything about it, but if the right person came along, we would definitely take a look at them.“

Camberlango was hired to replace former city administrator Polly Hulsey who resigned in April 2012.

Kimberly is also losing council president Brandon Hoobler and planning and zoning director Jenny Nickerson. Both recently accepted jobs out of state.

The departures occurred at about the same time, but were not related to each other in any way, Armstrong said.

Hoobler, who had been working for Aflac Insurance Co. in the Magic Valley, left to take a position in Bellingham, Wash. Armstrong will recommend a replacement during a Jan. 15 city council meeting.

Nickerson, who has been with Kimberly for more than two years, accepted a planning and zoning position in Spokane, Wash. She applied more than a year ago, but was only recently offered the job, Armstrong said.

As a part-time employee, Nickerson worked about 28 hours per week. The city plans to outsource the position.

“We’re going to contract that position out and see if that can accomplish what we want it to accomplish,” Armstrong said. “If it doesn’t, then we will consider other options.“

The council will take up the issue of water rates again during the Jan. 15 meeting. City officials have been discussing possible changes to the city’s water rate structure for months.

“We will have a draft resolution for the council to consider,” City Clerk Jennifer Rowe said.

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