Many Idahoans' names, for one reason or another, end up on the state’s unclaimed property list.

People get divorced, they get remarried, they move out of state. And sometimes they don’t leave the bank a forwarding address.

“Unclaimed property” usually doesn’t refer to land or a house. Rather, it’s money — checking accounts, savings accounts, stock dividends, mutual funds and utility refunds — or items stored in a safety deposit box. At times coins, gems, jewelry and stamps are reported unclaimed by hospitals, hotels and financial institutions.

Businesses turn over those assets to the state, which tries to reunite the stuff with its owner — or its heirs.

The Idaho State Treasurer’s Office provided this sampling of 75 people who own unclaimed property valued at more than $100. Their last known addresses are in south-central Idaho.

But many other people are on the list, too. Be proactive by searching your own name at the office’s website. You might be surprised at what you find.


Efrain Gutierrez

Thomas Higginbotham

Connie J Shepherd

Kevin C Shepherd

Myrna Tvrdy


Coors Brewing Co.

Cursillo De Cristiandad

Rulon Groo

James L Pehrson

Rebecca N White

Ted Whiting

Janet M Wright

Wayne J Wright


Michael Jackson


John Bass

Conrad Casser

Jabier Damian

Sonja Donohue

Timothy Levitan

Rafael Pena

Christopher Woodbury


Nancy Brown

Romona Ramirez


Bodyshop Snake River Autobody

Art Broadhurst

Dairy Veterinary Management

Randy F Mendoza

Calvin Pozesnick

Vance Sorensen


Aqua Investors Fund V

Clarion Inn of Sun Valley

Frank Juliano

Scott Lucas

John Melin

John S Miller

Kristin G Miller

Bertus Ooms

Panda Restaurant

Gail Plowman

Roberts John Corp.

Eric G Seder

Javier Severo


Michael D Teeter

Teri L Teeter


Celia S Marchant


Barry Goldsmith MD

Justo Guerry

Horizon Organic Dairy


Elsa Engle

Project Mutual Tel Coop Assn

George J Stab

Swenson's #5


Darrell S Glick

Beverly J Hackney

Myrtle L Peterson Liv Tst

Sally H Nelson

Florence M Nicholson

Julian O Nicholson

Marcia Overstreet

Myrtle Peterson

Myrtle L Peterson

Scott Potts

Bobby Sava

Cammy Sava

Leilah Sue Schroeder

Silver Financial Co Inc

Ty Statler

Nathan Strickler

Top Gun Truck Driving Academy

Twin Falls Church Activity Fund

Wendy Ward

Robert M Wren

H W Zimmerman


Jack Hunsaker

J Hurtado

Find Your Unclaimed Property

For information about unclaimed property, including frequently asked questions, visit the Idaho State Treasurer’s Office website,, and click the “Unclaimed Property” link. Then look for the “Search Now!” link. Or, call 877-388-2942 (toll free) or 208-332-2942.

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