TWIN FALLS • A court hearing for a woman who police say faked being pregnant with triplets and took $1,435 in money and gifts from church members in her community was delayed Friday morning.

Lisa Holley, 44, was scheduled to have a preliminary hearing Friday morning so Twin Falls County 5th District Judge Roger Harris could decide if prosecutors have enough evidence to take the case to trial. Holley is charged with one count of grand theft by deception in the case.

Holley did not appear in court, but her attorney Timothy Williams said he and prosecutors were discussing the possibility of making a deal in this case and another theft by deception case Holley is charged in. In the other case, Holley and her husband Michael Holley, 54, were charged with two counts each of grand theft by deception for having a fundraiser for their daughter, whom they allegedly claimed had cancer. Police say the child does not have cancer and lives with family in Washington.

During Friday’s hearing, Williams also said he was working on mental health issues with Holley.

Harris delayed the hearing for three weeks to give attorneys time to work on a deal and said the hearing would not be delayed again.

In a November interview with the Times-News, the Holleys denied the charges and maintained Lisa was pregnant and miscarried.

A preliminary hearing is scheduled for Lisa Holley for Jan. 11 in the pregnancy fraud case and she is scheduled for a jury trial on Jan. 15 for the cancer fraud case. Michael Holley is scheduled to go to trial for the cancer fraud case on Jan. 3.

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