“I’m not supportive of it unless it’s region-wide and everybody would benefit.”

—Sen. Jim Patrick, R-Twin Falls

“It doesn’t seem fair they (residents of places without a local option tax) should have to pay a tax. It’s the patchwork, I think, I don’t like about a system.”

—Rep. Maxine Bell, R-Jerome

“I’ve always been agreeable to a local option tax and still am.”

—Sen. Michelle Stennett, D-Ketchum

“Personally, I like the idea of allowing local communities to make some kind of determination, but it’s a difficult tax issue, because the people who (pay) the increased tax … include people from other communities who are shopping in your community.”

—Rep. Lance Clow, R-Twin Falls

“My opinion is, I’m kind of torn. If people want to tax themselves, that’s fine, vote to tax themselves. But I would like it to be project-specific. … The other side of this is the discussion (we) always end up having (that) people who don’t live in that municipality and don’t have a vote on that tax … they’re paying and don’t have any representation and don’t have any say in it.”

—Rep. Clark Kauffman, R-Filer

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“Some of the property tax removal, (I) think, has left (cities and counties) at a disadvantage over long-term growth, because the replacement doesn’t cover growth costs. That being said, I think we need to consider the most equitable way of a county or city taxing itself.”

—Rep. Steve Miller, R-Fairfield

“The issue does come up in various forms, like it came up last week with the city manager, but I think the opinion of it is quite divided. There’s some who feel it’s a viable solution to local government revenues. And there’s others who feel it would be a form of taxation without representation because it would fall not only on locals here in Twin. … They (people in other communities) would pay a tax they don’t get to vote on. I kind of have a quip about that: The last time this happened, some tea went into the harbor.”

—Rep. Stephen Hartgen, R-Twin Falls

“It seems to me that we expect to have state control from the federal; we need to extend that to our counties and cities likewise, and every city and county knows what they need and knows their communities.”

—Rep. Sally Toone, D-Gooding


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