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Twin Falls Administrative Restructure

The city council meets Mondays in Twin Falls.


TWIN FALLS • Eleven area nonprofits will be getting $100,000 from the city this year to help further their work.

The City Council voted Monday to approve this year’s Municipal Powers Outsource Grants, splitting up the money between all of the groups that applied.

The Council originally budgeted $84,000 for the grants, but decided Monday to bump it up to $100,000. The 11 groups had requested $141,401 between them.

Councilman Greg Lanting, who made the motion to increase the amount, said the nonprofits in question help some of the most vulnerable people in Twin Falls — the poor, seniors and recovering drug addicts.

“The need is there,” he said. “And we’re talking another $14,000 out of a $52 million budget.”

Councilman Don Hall agreed, saying the increase would help to save money by reducing the human toll taken by the social problems the groups combat.

“Sometimes we’re so conservative on things that we ... trip over dollars to try to save pennies,” he said.

Councilman Chris Talkington was the only one to vote against both the increase to $100,000 and the subsequent approval of this year’s grants. Talkington said the Council should show “frugality and common sense,” and that the increase was arbitrary, especially given that the groups were requesting considerably more than $100,000.

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“I’m sorry, but it requires discipline,” he said. “I will vote against it, and call me Scrooge.”

All of the groups got funding last year except for Victory Home Restoration Center, a group that helps recovering addicts and the homeless.

The amount the city spends on the grants, which are given to nonprofits to carry out services that city government doesn’t provide, has fluctuated over the years; it was $74,705 in 2002-03, increased for a few years and hit a high of $105,161 in 2007-08 and 2008-09, and then was $100,000 a year from then until last year, when the city cut it to $78,790.


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