TWIN FALLS • Two Magic Valley lawmaker could be the linchpin in a debate over whether the state should take over a private prison.

It’s an option that Idaho Department of Correction Director Brent Reinke has proposed twice to the state Board of Corrections in the past decade. But this time around, it’s Gov. C.L. “Butch” Otter suggesting the idea, according to a Spokesman-Review article this week.

During the next legislative session, Otter will be tapping the Joint Finance-Appropriations Committee for input on what to do with the soon-to-be-open prison. JFAC won’t be making any decisions, but will be making recommendations based on funding comparisons.

“It’s been a hotly debated topic for some time,” said state Sen. Dean Cameron, R-Rupert. “It’s looking at privately run facilities and publicly managed facilities. We have experiences with both and we have good and bad experiences with both.”

Earlier this week, Corrections Corp. of America, the largest private prison manager in the U.S., announced it would no longer seek a new bid to operate the Idaho Correctional Center, just south of Boise. With its contract ending June 30, 2014, Otter said it could be worth considering having the state manage the facility, according to the Spokesman-Review report.

Magic Valley lawmakers, who co-chair the state budget committee, agreed state control could expand its reach to oversee the prison, but they were not sure if that was the best choice for Idaho.

“I’m not sure I want to put extra revenues in a state prison when we’ve curtailed so much in the past,” Cameron said, JFAC co-chair. ”Corrections are important. Keeping people safe is important, but so is funding education.“

Finding raises for current state employees has been nearly impossible over the past few years and adding additional employees won’t make that easier, Cameron said.

Otter’s flirting with a state-managed prison is a drastic step away from his traditional anthem promoting private companies to operate the state prison. In 2008, Otter proposed that all state prisons be turned over to private companies.

“He’s way off his true nature; his nature is private,” said state Rep. Maxine Bell, R-Jerome, who is also a JFAC co-chair. “It’s always been his way. This must be a difficult path for him to trod.“

The issue, Bell said, was never about funding. Instead, both Otter and lawmakers have preferred to hold off from expanding state government employees and state systems.

“I can look at the funding when (Otter) is ready,” Bell said. “I think there is a cheaper option with the state taking over but I’m not sure.“

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state would definitely be cheaper but if the state would make the inmates work the farm and the grounds like they use too it would help make the inmates earn the right to have a roof over there heads or be like Sheriff Joe in AZ. they can sleep in tents all year long they r in prison they shouldn't have special privileges, that the state must pay for, Make them earn their way thru prison or go to a prison where they have nothing but a bed in a tent,

Ahma Daeus

The mere presence of a private “for profit” driven prison business in our country undermines the U.S Constitution and subsequently the credibility of the American criminal justice system. In fact, until all private prisons in America have been abolished and outlawed, “the promise” of fairness and justice at every level of this country’s judicial system will remain unattainable. We must restore the principles and the vacant promise of our judicial system. Our government cannot continue to "job-out" its obligation and neglect its duty to the individuals confined in the correctional and rehabilitation facilities throughout this nation, nor can it ignore the will of the people that it was designed to serve and protect. Please support the National Public Service Council to Abolish Private Prisons (NPSCTAPP) with a show of solidarity by signing "The Single Voice Petition"

Please visit our website for further information:

–Ahma Daeus
"Practicing Humanity Without A License"…

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