TWIN FALLS • This election, Idahoans will be asked to vote on whether the right to hunt, fish and trap should be added to Idaho’s state constitution. Here are the details:

What it’s about: Sen. Lee Heider, R-Twin Falls, who crafted the amendment, said it’s about protecting Idaho’s heritage. Hunting, fishing and trapping have always been part of Idaho’s culture, and adding the amendment will protect that heritage from future attempts to erode Idaho’s wildlife management laws, Heider said.

The Idaho Fish and Game Commission supports the amendment.

“The Idaho Fish and Game Commission’s legal authority to regulate hunting, fishing, and trapping and require licensing is not impacted by this amendment,”says an Oct. 3 open letter from the commission. “This amendment would also keep punishment for those who violate our wildlife laws.”

Idahoans Against Trapping launched a campaign against the amendment effort earlier this year, arguing that trapping is cruel and inhumane, and shouldn’t be protected in the constitution.

The campaign Facebook page has photos of domestic pets who have been maimed or killed after being caught in leg-hold and conibear traps.

What a “yes” vote means: The following section will be added to the Idaho constitution:

“The rights to hunt, fish and trap, including by the use of traditional methods, are a valued part of the heritage of the State of Idaho and shall forever be preserved for the people and managed through the laws, rules and proclamations that preserve the future of hunting, fishing and trapping. Public hunting, fishing and trapping of wildlife shall be a preferred means of managing and controlling wildlife. The rights set forth herein do not create a right to trespass on private property, shall not affect rights to divert, appropriate and use water, or establish any minimum amount of water in any water body, and shall not lead to a diminution of other private rights.”


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I'm surprised that this story was published with just the word "it" used throughout the "news" item to describe the proposed constitutional amendment, HJR2, which will be on the November ballot.

"It" is HJR2, the proposed constitutional amendment that will make hunting, trapping and fishing rights under the Idaho Constitution when it is voted into law on November 6th.

"It" is extremely necessary because anti-hunters and anti-trappers are relentless in their zealous pursuit to strip people of the rights to hunt, trap and fish. These wackos believe that animals are "sentient beings" and should be afforded rights equal to humans.

Vote YES on HJR2 on November 6th!


couldn't have said it any better! 90% or more of what I trap is private ground at the request of many landowners. However I would hate to see everyone suffer from the impact of ballooned predator populations! Especially when a local news source refers to a constitutional amendment as "it" and prints what kind of photos an anti-trapping site has. There are also a lot of pictures out there where a trapped animal hasn't been killed or maimed by traps. More domestic animals are killed or maimed by vehicles than by traps.


I think this letter shows where we will be if the anti-trapping Idahoans get their way:

Only thing missing is how we'll all be overrun with predators if there is no trapping:

Paul Jensen
Paul Jensen

It is very sad to me that this newspaper continues to support and report only one side of this issue from the stand point of the radical animal rights movement. "Idahoans Against Trapping" was the only group, outside of government, whose views were included in this and many other articles covering HJR2. Why is the Times so reluctant (afraid?) to include the view of other organizations such as the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation, the Mule Deer Foundation, or even the Idaho Trappers Assocation? Because the ABSOLUTE TRUTH would hurt their cause to undermine other peoples' proposed right to hunt, fish, and trap. Liberals, such as the ones running this paper, speak of greater tolerance for individuals, yet hypocritically trample, mis-report, or leave unreported the views of people who do not agree with them.

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