Dietrich Teacher Responds to Allegations

2013-04-21T02:00:00Z Dietrich Teacher Responds to AllegationsBy Kimberlee Kruesi - Twin Falls Times-News

DIETRICH • Dietrich science teacher Tim McDaniel sent his first response letter to a state education ethics commission.

The letter is a response to seven allegations facing McDaniel that the state’s Professional Standards Commission is investigating.

In March, four parents with students in McDaniel’s biology class filed a complaint with the commission. Allegations include sharing private student information, teaching sex education and different forms of birth control, and promoting a political candidate while on school property.

In his letter, McDaniel denies he did anything wrong and explains this is the first complaint he’s received during his teaching career.

“In all my 17 years of teaching, I have yet to get a complaint. This is the first time I have ever had an issue with what I teach and how,” McDaniel wrote in the letter. “I still stand by my statement that I haven’t done anything wrong.

“This school is notorious for letting students and parents run off good teachers.”

McDaniel told the Times-News that two of the parents contacted him after filing the complaint to tell him that they would remove their name from the complaint. However, just one day later, McDaniel said the parents contacted him saying that they couldn’t remove their name from the complaint without getting legal counsel.

“So they’re not going to remove their name,” he said.

Melissa McGrath, spokeswoman for the Idaho State Department of Education, said once the commission decides to investigate a complaint, the case is no longer in the hands of the person who filed the complaint.

“Once (the complaint) is with the commission, they are no longer a party to all of that,” McGrath said.

While she couldn’t confirm if the commission is investigating the complaint, she said that neither the department nor the commission is allowed to provide legal advice.

If someone called looking for legal counsel about a complaint, they would tell that person to talk to a lawyer, she said.

The parents who filed the complaint declined to comment when contacted by the Times-News.

McDaniel said he doesn’t know when he’ll hear back from the state commission. Until then, he will continue to teach biology.

He said he’s now taking more precautions to prepare for lessons. For example, for the first time since he started teaching, McDaniel sent out permission slips to teach about the reproductive system in fish.

“I have to watch my back,” he said. “I don’t know how this is going to end.”

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    TRUTHFINDER - April 22, 2013 12:24 pm
    7788s I have heard some of the same stories and more. Lies travel faster than the truth. Sounds like now the circus of lies is over, the truth is coming!
  2. 7788S
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    7788S - April 22, 2013 11:57 am
    I feel that there is something missing from the story. Is Mr. McDaniel the person that is portrayed in the papers. Why would complaint be brought forward if the is nothing wrong? I do not live in Dietrich but I have family that does and the most recent news is that he has bullied a fellow teacher out of her class room. A sixth grade teacher that is right next to his that stood up to him for yelling"My Vagina hurts" so loud that her class could hear. Not only her class but a first grade and second grade class. Also, in one of the articles in the paper he said he gives out permission slips but why is it now that he is going the extra mile on permission slips? Sounds fishy to me! I have also heard from family members that he failed all students that chose to sit out of his 6 week course on the reproductive system. Even though he reported that he would give a alternative lesson. If this is a picture of a excellent teacher I wonder what a bad one is. I am glad he is not teaching in kids school.

  3. duke
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    duke - April 22, 2013 8:21 am
    oh well they can give out shot glases for a promso what next????
  4. eszanto
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    eszanto - April 21, 2013 3:04 pm
    “Once (the complaint) is with the commission, they are no longer a party to all of that." That is crazy. All teachers in Idaho should be watching this process carefully. To see how due process is provided or not. Whether the investigation is fair and impartial. You could be next receiving a complaint and trying to prove you are innocent instead of the complainant and the commission having to prove that you have done anything wrong.
  5. DairyAire
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    DairyAire - April 21, 2013 8:13 am
    Permission slips before teaching the reproductive system of fish!?!? HAHAHAHA!! Hopefully those who fail to see the ridiculousness of the original complaint don't fail to see why this teachers actions are so funny. Also, sounds to me like this fellow has a little Bart Simpson in him (smart aleck)!
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