Miles Daisher

Professional BASE jumper Miles Daisher does a gainer high over the Snake River Canyon during the 2013 Perrine Bridge Festival.


THOMASVILLE, Ga. • Twin Falls BASE jumper Miles Daisher was arrested Thursday in southern Georgia after a fellow jumper died earlier that morning.

Brandon Jackson, 37, a retired master sergeant of the Army, died in a jump from a 2,000-foot television tower near the unincorporated town of Metcalf.

Daisher and Tom Patrick Baker from North Carolina were charged with criminal trespassing and each released on $550 bond, said Capt. Steven Jones of Thomas County Sheriff’s Office. The charge is a misdemeanor.

Daisher told police he was in radio contact with Jackson as he climbed sometime after midnight to a height of 1,600 feet, Jones said.

“Daisher said they heard the chute open with a distinctive ‘pop,’” he said. “Then they heard a twang noise that alarmed them and they figured Jackson had hit a guy wire.”

Daisher and Baker called authorities at about 3:30 a.m. local time after an hour of searching for Jackson in the dark. The search party found Jackson’s body at 10:30, about a quarter-mile from the tower. His chute was attached but tangled in a tree and his body was touching the ground.

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“He had been dead for quite a while,” Jones said.

Jackson has family in Michigan but his driver’s license was from Hawaii, he said.

The car the men were driving was impounded. The sheriff’s office has applied for a search warrant and the case will be forwarded to the prosecutor’s office.

“There wasn’t a bright moon last night and there are no lights out there. The tower is out in the middle of nowhere,” Jones said. “I can’t imagine what would possess anyone to think they could jump off that thing in the dark without hitting a wire.”


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