TWIN FALLS - A Twin Falls woman was arrested after jail deputies said she was caught talking with her jailed boyfriend on the phone about smuggling drugs into the jail via an oxycodone-soaked letter.

Marla Jo Heck, 41, was arraigned Monday on two counts of manufacturing or delivering a controlled substance, and one count each of conspiracy to manufacture or deliver a controlled substance and possessing a controlled substance, all felonies. She was also charged with a misdemeanor: frequenting a place where controlled substances are used.

Heck is expected back in Twin Falls County court Nov. 15 for a preliminary hearing.

A police report gave this account:

On Oct. 4, police arrested Heck's boyfriend, Robert Swett, after he was accused of stealing a BB gun.

A few days later, an officer listened to a recorded Oct. 9 jail phone conversation between Swett and Heck. In the conversation, Swett tells Heck that he had handed over to deputies the two oxycodone pills she had given him before he was arrested.

Swett instructs Heck to create a letter containing oxycodone for him to take while in jail.

"Do you know how to wet down a letter with a couple of blues?" Swett asks during the call.

"I could Google it," Heck answers.

Swett explains she should squirt the liquefied drug into the paper and mail it to him.

In a second conversation, Heck tells Swett she'll write the letter then spread the substance across the letter with her finger.

In another jail phone conversation, Heck tells Swett she made the letter and drew a heart where he could find the drug-laced area.

Next, Swett asks if she can make a letter with "dirty," meaning methamphetamine. Heck says maybe, but that she doesn't want to do it anymore.

After listening to the conversation, police went to Heck's home and reported finding medications not prescribed to her, including morphine.

Heck admitted to police that she had been using meth and selling medication out of her apartment.

On Oct. 16, a jail official contacted police saying he'd seized the letter addressed to Swett from Heck.

Police arrested Heck, and she told them she'd contaminated the letter with morphine.

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