TWIN FALLS - Police say a Twin Falls man nearly died from a drug overdose after he used a Fentanyl patch given to him by a woman.

Rachel Poe, 32, pleaded guilty May 6 to a charge of delivery of a controlled substance. Fentanyl is a prescription narcotic.

Police responded at 12:52 a.m. Jan. 5 in the 200 block of Locust Street for a call about a man who had collapsed, according to a police report by officer Ken Rivers. Individuals at the scene were attempting CPR.

Rivers and another officer took over CPR until paramedics arrived, the report states.

Soon, paramedics from St. Luke's Magic Valley Medical Center arrived and determined that the man was suffering from an overdose of a narcotic substance, the report states. The man was taken to St. Luke's and underwent lifesaving procedures.

While still at the house, police found out from the man's roommate that Poe had been at the house just before the man collapsed.

According to the report, police discovered that Poe had given the man a Fentanyl patch and fled after he collapsed.

When police called Poe, the report states, she said she left the house because she's on felony probation and did not want to be discovered being out past her curfew.

Later, police spoke with Poe's probation officer. According to the report, the probation officer provided recordings of conversations he had with Poe. Poe admitted to delivering the Fentanyl patch to the man and to being there when he passed out, the report states. It states that Poe said she knows CPR but was too overwhelmed by the circumstances to perform it.

According to the report, Poe said the man begged her to bring him a patch, and after talking with the man about the patch Poe felt comfortable giving it to him.

Poe said she told the man about an experience known as "twilight sleep," a semiconscious state when an individual is high on an opiate drug.

According to the police report, Fentanyl is a prescription narcotic used to treat long-term chronic pain, typically reserved for people with a terminal illness. Side effects include severe and often fatal breathing and cardiac problems, especially when used with other medications or illegal narcotics.

Another version of events emerged later.

In April, police received word that the man's roommate was willing to make a statement about the case.

According to the roommate's statement, the man was hesitant to use the Fentanyl but eventually agreed after Poe insisted. According to the report, the roommate said the man lost consciousness, then Poe said she could not be there when police arrived, picked up some needles, spoons and more Fentanyl patches, and left.

The roommate said she was getting her life together and wanted to tell the truth about what happened, the report states.

According to online court records, prosecutors filed a case against Poe in late April, and she pleaded guilty to a charge of delivery of a controlled substance on May 6. Prosecutors dropped an additional charge of manufacturing a controlled substance.

Poe is scheduled to be sentenced on June 28 in Twin Falls County 5th District Court by District Judge Randy Stoker.

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