BURLEY — Several charges were dropped against a Bellevue man accused of beating a teen and stealing his rifle while he was hunting.

Felony charges of aggravated battery and injury to a child were dismissed against Grant Edward Horne after a preliminary hearing in Cassia County magistrate court.

Horne, 42, still faces felony charges of grand theft and burglary after he was charged Sept. 1 along with two other men.

Rodger V. Powell, 48, of Sandy, Utah, and Jeff Owen Smith 48, of Eagle are both charged with felony counts of aggravated battery, injury to a child, burglary and grand theft.

District Judge Jonathan Brody was disqualified in each case, and District Judge Michael Crabtree has been assigned to hear the cases.

Powell and Smith each posted $100,000 bond and Horne posted a $250,000 bond before being released from jail.

The three men were arrested after a 16-year-old boy said he was hunting at 3175 E. 500 S. in the Sublett area and the three men approached in an all-terrain vehicle.

The teen said Powell approached and grabbed him by the throat and began punching him.

The boy said he stayed down on the ground and pretended to be unconscious. He said the men beat him and searched his pickup and called him a “stupid poacher,” saying the deer belonged to them.

Cassia County Sheriff deputies said the men took the boy’s .308 caliber Remington rifle, and Powell told the boy they were going to shoot him with his own gun, kill him and bury him.

The deputies found the three men at a home and they told police a different version of the story. The men said they saw the boy’s pickup where they were hunting and the teen was in a field shooting at three bucks. They said the boy was “stumbling and mumbling” and asking what he did wrong.

Powell told police he called the poacher’s hotline and took a picture of the boy and the truck.

The deputies found the boy’s rifle leaning against a tree at the home where the men were.

All three cases were bound over to Cassia County District Court and arraignment is set for Nov. 15.

The maximum penalty for aggravated battery is 15 years in prison, injury to a child and grand theft carry 10 year penalties and burglary, 1 year in jail.