Jerome County

Felony sentencings

Shawn Michael Loosli, 39, Buhl; grand theft, $245.50 fine, five years penitentiary, three years determinate, two years indeterminate, 128 days credited time, drug court restitution and termination ordered .

Charles Isaac McLaughlin II, 44, Jerome; second degree kidnapping, $1,145.50 costs, 25 years penitentiary, 10 determinate, 15 indeterminate, 333 days credited.

Charles Isaac McLaughlin II, 44, Jerome; attempted destruction of evidence charge dismissed.

Driving under the influence sentencings

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Isaiah Greer, 19, Jerome; DUI charge dismissed. Use or possession of drug paraphernalia with intent to use, $397.50 costs, 180 days jail, 178 suspended, one day credited, retained jurisdiction, one year supervised probation, sheriff’s work program. Possession of a controlled substance charge dismissed.

Andrew Timothy O’Boyle, 23, Jerome; possession of open container of alcohol by driver charge dismissed. DUI, $302.50 costs, 180 days jail, 147 days suspended Jail, 33 days credited, 24 months supervised probation.

Olivia Baxter, 27, Jerome; attempt to elude a police officer in a motor vehicle, $257.50 costs, 180 days jail, 56 days suspended, 124 days credited, one year unsupervised probation, drivers license suspended. DUI, $202.50 costs, 180 days jail, 56 days suspended, 124 days credited.

Olivia Baxter, 27, Jerome; assault and battery upon certain personnel, $1,145.50 costs, $100 DNA, four and a half years penitentiary, one and a half years determinate, three years indeterminate, sentence suspended, 117 days credited, 60 days discretionary, three years supervised probation. Resisting or obstructing officers charge dismissed. Several miscellaneous misdemeanor cases found guilty.


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