SHOSHONE — Shoshone schools were on a soft lock down Wednesday morning after elementary schoolers on the playground reported seeing a suspicious person.

An on-site school resource officer immediately began looking into the report around 12:30 p.m., school district Superintendent Rob Waite said.

After the officer was notified, the school went into a “soft lock down,” meaning the perimeter of the school was secured, outside doors were locked and security was heightened, Waite said.

Law enforcement officers from the Shoshone Police Department, Idaho State Police and Lincoln County Sheriff’s Office were on scene.

They conducted a thorough check of the area, including the entire exterior of the school and surrounding areas, but didn’t discover any issues, Lincoln County Sheriff Rene Rodriguez said. The suspicious person wasn’t found or identified.

After police completed the investigation, the lock down was lifted after about 45 minutes.