RUPERT — A Rupert teen is charged with felony attempting to elude the police and misdemeanor driving under the influence after a crash.

Gabriel Cano, 19, led Minidoka County Sheriff deputies on a high-speed chase before he crashed into a Transystems truck on Nov. 4.

The case was investigated by the Idaho State Police.

A Minidoka County deputy said he saw Cano sitting in a gray Ford Ranger behind a Paul gas station with his lights on, and the officer pulled up to see what he was doing.

The deputy said Cano sped off toward Rupert, sliding around one corner so fast the tires on the Ranger squealed and smoke poured off the tires. He kept slamming on his brakes to make the deputies back off, and at one point he ran a red light, police said.

At one point, the officers feared Cano would run into the back of a truck at the shoulder of the road, but the last second, one officer said, Cano veered into the oncoming lane of traffic narrowly missing the truck. Near 100 South and Idaho Highway 24, Cano sped into a dirt parking lot kicking up dust, police said. The officers saw Cano’s vehicle had struck a Transystems truck head-on.

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When an officer approached Cano’s vehicle the windows were tinted so he drew his baton and broke the driver’s side window out. He found Cano lying on the seat with his head toward the passenger’s side door. As he was being treated, Cano asked the officer to hold his hand. The officer did. As the officer spoke to Cano, he reported noticing a strong smell of alcohol on his breath.

Cano was arraigned Tuesday in Minidoka County Magistrate Court. A preliminary hearing is set for Feb. 14.


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