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RUPERT — A Rupert man was charged with misdemeanor cruelty to animals after officers found a dog in his yard that hadn’t had food or water and was so tangled in a lead that it couldn’t move.

Brian Edwin Jensen, 43, was issued a citation.

A neighbor woman reported the dog’s death Jan. 3 and said she had fed the dog multiple times because of its poor condition and that it never had food or water.

The woman said other neighbors had also been feeding the dog and she had taken pictures of the dog.

The deputy who responded to the complaint found the dog dead lying inside of and next to a fence at the residence.

A wire lead was attached to a pole and the dog and the lead was tangled around multiple poles and a small tree.

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There was a single dish that contained no food or water and no enclosure or area of shelter for the animal.

The ground under the tree and pole appeared to have been dug in by the dog. There were also multiple piles of dog feces indicating the dog had been left in the same location continuously or repeatedly.

Jensen was arraigned on the charge in Minidoka County Magistrate Court on Thursday.


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