Stephen Douglas Bailey


BURLEY — A Murtaugh man is charged after police say he pointed a Western-style six shooter pistol at a neighbor and cocked the hammer back after he grew weary of listening to the man’s dogs bark.

Stephen Douglas Bailey Jr. 68, was charged with felony aggravated assault after Cassia County Sheriff deputies responded to 933 S. 2030 W. on July 27.

A deputy that responded to the call said there were two homes at the address and the neighbor, who has a dog-training business, was at his home talking with a potential customer when the incident occurred.

The neighbor said when he went to show the customer the kennels Bailey, who lives next door, was learning against a fence posit with his gun drawn and pointing at the man’s dogs on the other side of the fence.

The man said Bailey did not have to move much to aim the gun at him and from a distance he couldn’t see what Bailey’s gun was aiming at.

The neighbor said he raised his arms and approached Bailey to calm him down but Bailey continued to lean on the fence and point the weapon. The neighbor said he drew his gun and pointed it at Bailey and he was afraid that Bailey was going to pull the trigger. After a few moments the neighbor lowered his gun and so did Bailey.

The customer said when he saw Bailey pointing what looked like a firearm at the neighbor he moved his children to the other side of the house.

Bailey told police that the neighbor’s dogs bark constantly and he’d made multiple attempts to ask him to keep the dogs quiet. He said he’d had enough of the barking and took his Colt .22 Magnum six-shooter revolver and pointed it at one of the neighbor’s dogs to get the neighbor’s attention.

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Bailey said the neighbor saw his gun and ran to his house to retrieve his firearm and pointed it Bailey.

A preliminary hearing in the case is set for 9 a.m. Aug. 11 in Cassia County magistrate court.

The maximum penalty for the charge is 20 years in prison.


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