SHOSHONE • A “fight club” boxing match escalated into a brutal beating Monday night, sending a young man to the hospital in critical condition.

Police found Blue Hadden, 19, rolling around in pain at South Alta and East A streets, crying and screaming with blood covering his face.

An air ambulance flew him to St. Alphonsus Regional Medical Center in Boise, where his condition had been upgraded to serious Tuesday night. U.S. 93 was briefly closed for the helicopter.

William Greener, 25, of Shoshone was arrested on suspicion of battery.

A man had called 911 about 9 p.m. Monday, saying Hadden’s head was “cracked open in the back.”

Police who responded gave this account in court documents:

Hadden screamed that several people had jumped him. He smelled of alcohol, and his eyes were red and glassy. Asked who had beaten him, Hadden lost consciousness.

“I performed a sternum rub on Blue to try to awaken him,” an officer wrote. “Blue did not respond.”

The Lincoln County ambulance staff arrived and put Hadden on a gurney. He regained consciousness, and EMTs decided he should be flown to St. Alphonsus.

Police then went to the 200 block of South Apple Street, where witnesses said the fight had occurred.

It started as a “fight club,” Shoshone police Sgt. Michael Thompson said. “It’s a group of guys who like to get together and box each other. This one just got out of hand.” He said police knew about the club and were trying to stop it but, “They move around a lot.”

On Apple Street, several witnesses said Hadden and others were at The Drops, a local swimming hole. Hadden later went to Greener’s house and said he wanted to fight someone. Greener told police he had surgery and six screws were in his right hand, so the two agreed to use boxing gloves.

“It was a boxing match,” he told police. “We took swings at each other. He got pissed off. He tried hitting me. I hit him, he got knocked out. He got up and left.”

Asked how Hadden got knocked out, Greener said he had fallen backwards after being punched.

“I informed (Greener) there was a very thin line between mutual combat and battery,” the officer wrote. “I explained that when Blue was knocked out, his head cut open and his face was bleeding, someone should have called for an ambulance to at least have him checked out.”

Greener said the group had been having similar matches for a while, other people had been knocked out and no one ever called paramedics.

Greener was brought in about 11:10 p.m. Monday and bonded out Tuesday morning, said Gooding County Sheriff Shaun Gough.

Lincoln County prosecutors filed a misdemeanor battery charge against Greener Tuesday morning.

Hadden is known in Shoshone for his mother’s involvement in one of the most high-profile crimes in the Magic Valley.

In 2010, his mother, Traci Hadden, was sentenced to 10 to 15 years in prison after conspiring with Michael Cannon to shoot Craig Hadden, her former father-in-law. Hadden told the Times-News in March 2012 that his mother had tried to pressure him into shooting his grandfather for inheritance money, but he would not. His friend Cannon, then 16, was convicted of attempted murder and sentenced to four to 12 years in prison. Craig Hadden survived but lost two ribs, his spleen and part of a lung in the shooting.

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What does what traci did have to do with blue being in the hospital I don't see the need in bringing up stuff that has nothing to do with this


What Traci did has everything to do with Blue. When your mother tries to pressure you into killing your grandfather, that's going to mess with you. Hopefully, Blue can find healthier ways to deal with his issues.

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