JEROME • A Jerome man accused of sex with a 15-year-old girl changed his plea yesterday as part of a deal reached by attorneys.

Davis Jose Raymundo pleaded guilty to sexual battery of a child younger than 16. He originally was charged with rape for having sexual intercourse with a 15-year-old girl at a July 2011 party when he was 22.

The girl had said she was unconscious and had no recollection of the incident, and Raymundo said he was intoxicated and couldn’t remember either, police reported.

Jerome County Prosecutor John Horgan said he will suggest Raymundo be sentenced to three to seven years in prison, with the court retaining jurisdiction. That means that after a short period of treatment by the Idaho Department of Correction, a judge would decide if Raymundo should serve the prison sentence or be released on probation.

Horgan said he also will ask that Raymundo pay a $2,000 fine plus any restitution to the victim and an additional $5,000 fine because the charge is a crime of violence.

Raymundo must submit a right thumbprint and DNA sample and register as a sex offender.

After the hearing, the vicitm’s mother said she hopes the judge will sentence Raymundo to prison without the retained jurisdiction.

Sexual abuse of a child carries a maximum punishment of 25 years in prison and a $50,000 fine.

During the hearing, Jerome County District Judge John Butler asked Raymundo a series of questions to find out if he understood his rights, the charges and to ensure he wasn’t being forced to make the plea.

Raymundo is to be sentenced July 29.

The victim in the case, now 17, gave birth to twins in March 2012. DNA evidence showed Raymundo is the father.

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I know this wonderful family very well,I'd like to say that this teen never asked for any of this yet she decided to keep these amazing babies.she is an extrordinary young lady who has conquored so much..This man should get time behind bars and have his rights abolished..hes a man she was a child..he should get what he doesn't expect now


Characteristics of a rapist : 1. Ignores your wishes 2.Attempts to make you feel guilty or accuses you of being uptight 3.Becomes hostile and/or increasingly more aggressive when you say no. 4.Demands your attention or compliance at inappropriate times, such as during class. 5.Acts immaturely; shows little empathy or feeling for others and displays little social conscience.
Davis Raymundo doesn't relate to these characteristics whatsoever. Davis Raymundo is an amazing, loving, smart, and caring individual who is constantly helping people before himself. I refuse to sit here and watch people label him as a rapist, or anything else negative that people feel that they should label him as. I guarantee that the people that have a million negative things to say about this man have never sat down and had a conversation with him. If Mr. Davis Raymundo was the "rapist" or anything else people label him as would he be fighting to be able to see HIS children? Very few people realize that Mr. Raymundo was there during the birth of his twins before knowing if he was the father of those children. What man that "only thinks of himself" would miss work to be there for the birth of children that he is not one hundered percent sure if they are his or not. And if he raped her would she really allow him to be in the room during this time? People cannot sit here and accuse him of being a terrible terrible man and easly put him down, but will not sit down to ask him his side of the story. And if she was such an innocent girl why was she drinking at a college aged party where she didn't know anyone at the age of 15? Where do you find the innocents in that? Today people do not care what the man has to say they only listen to what the girl has to say. So it is easy for the girl to say anything that she wants if it is the truth or not and everyone will just go along with it. If Davis Raymundo passed his polygraph test then it might be time for someone to open their ears and listen to what he has to say. Why isn't she given a polygraph test? If she doesn't have anything to lie about or hide then a polygraph test wouldn't hurt. I would hate to see Davis Raymundo's life ruined because no one was willing to listen to what he had to say.


She didn't need a polygraph because the facts speak for themselves! He was 22, she was 15 and he had sexual intercourse with her. Twin babies were a result of that and her life is changed forever. Having sex with a child under the age of 16 is against the law and the DNA proved he had sexual intercourse with a child under the age of 16. Read the laws and get educated.


The facts are the facts in this case. It was not a college party and there were other teenage girls at this party as well. Davis Raymundo was 22 years old and what people fail to understand is he served alcohol to a number of underage teens at this party most of which were young girls. HE provided the alcohol, then when the girl was passed out he proceeded to rape her. He was 22 and she was 15!!! Anyone with smarts can see this for what it was and DNA proved he is the father of those twin babies. As a "man", there should of never been minor children at this party. Let's also add he was arrested for a DUI four days before this tragedy took place! Innocent, good, kind, and giving people don't get DUI's or rape young 15 year old girls. The facts speak for themselves and maybe the repeat offender assessment should be public record??!!!!


He doesn't only think of himself???? Hmm..I'm around those twins alot..I have never seen him..where is child support or milk these babies not from him..he may have been there for the birth but where has he been since the birth...yes sounds like a caring man to me...and because the girl was at a or not..this gives a grown man permission to have sex with a i'm appauled

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