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Q: How long can a camp trailer sit on the street in city limits?

A: Not long.

“The trailer may only be on the street to load or unload,” said Sean Standley, a Twin Falls code enforcement coordinator.

City Code 9-6-8 on parking trucks, trailers, unused and inoperative vehicles states they should not be parked longer than 24 hours on any street.

“The code is in place to keep our streets accessible for motorists and to protect public safety,” Standley said. “Pedestrians quite often tend to walk out from behind trailers giving no time for motorists to see them. We also like to keep the streets open for our maintenance crews to access.”

The code says no person shall park a motor truck of more than 1 1/2 ton capacity or automobile with trailer attached except with the right hand side parallel with the curb and in moving such motor truck or automobile with trailer attached away from curb, it shall be moved forward, and no such motor truck or automobile with trailer attached shall be parked within four feet of another car. No person shall park a motor vehicle of one and one-half ton capacity or more, nor shall any person park a motor vehicle which has an overall length of more than 22 feet, nor shall any person park a trailer of more than one-half ton capacity upon any street or alley, except for a street or alley located within a manufacturing district within the city, or except while engaged in the actual loading or unloading of passengers or property.

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Standley said, “The ordinance has been in place since 1978 and was amended on March 3, 2014, to include parking of semis only in the manufacturing district, which is industrial.”

So far in 2017, the city has invoked the code 373 times. The penalty could include a $35 parking ticket that jumps to $50 if it isn’t paid in three days. And if you don’t move the trailer after the city alerts you, it may be towed.

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