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Anibal Padilla-Rodriguez


BURLEY — A Washington state man was arrested Thursday after deputies say he pointed a gun at two men.

Anibal Padilla Rodriguez, 24, was charged with two felony counts of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, misdemeanor driving under the influence and misdemeanor battery.

Deputies were called to the 1400 block of Normal Avenue just after 2 a.m.

Three men and one woman at the home said they met Rodriguez earlier in the evening while they were drinking at a Burley club.

One of the men invited Rodriguez to the house but after he arrived, Rodriguez started asking them for drugs.

The man said they asked Rodriguez to leave and went outside, where Rodriguez continued to ask for drugs.

The officer said while one of the men was standing next to the porch, Rodriguez punched him in the left side of the face underneath the eye without provocation.

The man said he hit Rodriguez back and the two started fighting.

Two men tried to stop the fight as it progressed into the yard and across the street.

When the fight ended, Rodriguez went to his pickup truck and retrieved a 9 mm pistol and pointed it at one man’s head, the men said.

The other people went inside the home and locked the door, the deputy said.

When they opened the door to let the one man from their party back inside, they saw Rodriguez still pointing the gun at him.

Once the man was inside the house they said they could see Rodriguez holding the gun to the peephole in the door.

The man who was outside said he thought Rodriguez was going to shoot him.

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The deputy said the other men appeared shaken by the incident and “genuinely scared.”

The woman at the home was scared and crying, police said.

The men had injuries to their hands from the fight, and Rodriguez had blood splatter on his clothing and numerous injuries including a large abrasion on his forehead and his knee.

Deputies found a pistol matching the witnesses’ description in Rodriguez’s pickup truck.

After Rodriguez was taken to jail he refused to answer questions. When the officer tried to administer the breath-alcohol test, Rodriguez blew saliva into the machine, which recorded an error.

Rodriguez told the officer he had been stabbed in the lung a couple of years ago and that is why he blew saliva.

After the deputy got a warrant to take him to the hospital for a blood-alcohol test, the officer noted the test had expired in July 2016.

A preliminary hearing is set in the case Oct. 13 in Cassia County Magistrate Court.


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