Twin Falls Duplicate Bridge

June 5

Flight A


1st Renee Bulcher/Marilyn Botkin

2nd Joye Astorquia/Jessie Lingnaw’

3rd Shirley Tschannen/Riley Burton


1st Dennis Hanel/Betty Grant

2nd Ruth/Don Rahe

3rd Max Thompson/Steve Frickey

June 12

Flight A


1st Nancy/Steve Sams

2nd Renee Bulcher/Kathy Rooney

3rd Bobette Plankey/Mary Lee Pfefferle


1st Ruth Rahe/Betty Grant

2nd David Stoker/Riley Burton

3rd Patti Cooper/Doris Watts

Flight B


1st Nancy/Steve Sams


1st Pattie Cooper/Doris Watts

Unit 400

June 9

Flight A

1st Jo Murray/Chuck Abramo

2nd Barbara Burk/Henry Robinson

3rd David Stoker/Shirley Tschannen

4th Bobette Plankey/Riley Burton

5th Nancy/Steve Sams

6th Bev Reed/Gwen Stoker

Flight B

1st Jo Murray/Chuck Abramo

2nd Nancy/Steve Sams

3rd Patti Cooper/Elaine Bowen

4th Doris Watts/Mary Lee Pfefferle

BJ Duplicate Bridge

The BJ Duplicate Bridge Club in Rupert in Rupert has announced the results of play for May 28.

N/S: 1. Riley Burton and David Stoker, 2. Peggy Hackley and Shirley Tschannen, 3. Steve and Nancy Sams.

E/W: 1. Vera Mai and Eunice Merrigan, 2. Bill Goodman and Chuck Hunter, 3. Nanette Woodland and Wilma Shockey.

Games are held at 1 p.m. Tuesdays at the Rupert Elks. For partners and more information: Steve Sams, 431 4820, or Vera Mai, 436 4163.

Gooding Duplicate Bridge

June 7

N/S: 1. Al Poynter and Veeta Roberts; 2. Jodi Faulkner and Claire Major. E/W: 1. Lorna Bard and Susan Faulkner; 2. Phyllis and Robert Parish. Duplicate bridge is played every Fraiday at 1 p.m. at the Gooding Senior Center, 308 Senior Avenue. For more information call Kathy Rooney at 934-9732.

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