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Heyburn Police Chief Dan Bristol

Heyburn Police Chief Dan Bristol

Q: I was with a friend when that friend got stopped by the police. During the stop the officer asked me for my driver’s license, which I gave him. When the officer came back he told me that my driver’s license was suspended (I already knew it was) and he was seizing it. Can officers take licenses from people?—Arnie

A: Yes, we can take driver’s licenses when the photo shows them smiling. For those of you who thought that was a joke, it was as far as seizing the license but as many of you now know, smiling is not allowed when getting your driver’s license photo.

The truth of this matter is that if you were in possession of a suspended driver’s license you are by law supposed to send it in to the Idaho Department of Transportation. You’ll get it back once the suspension is over and reinstatement fees are paid.

It might make it easier to understand if I just tells you how Idaho Code 49-1222 reads: Any person whose Idaho driver’s license shall have been suspended, canceled or revoked as provided in this chapter, or whose policy of insurance or bond, when required under this chapter, shall have been canceled or terminated, or who shall neglect to furnish other proof upon request of the department, shall immediately return his driver’s license to the department. If any person shall fail to return to the department the driver’s license as required, the department may direct any peace officer to secure its possession and return the driver’s license to the department. At the end of the period of suspension, cancellation or revocation, the driver may apply for a duplicate driver’s license, provided that the driver is eligible and has fulfilled all reinstatement requirements.

Ladies, I know you might read that and think that because it says “his” in the wording you’ll not lose you license. I believe his is another term for person male or female.

I might add that if you had a suspended, revoked or canceled license and went to the bar you could lose it there as well if a police officer checked your license. Also be aware that without another form of identification you would also not be allowed to purchase alcohol at a bar. Sometimes that’s where the suspended was created in the first place (Insert rim shot here).

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Dan Bristol is the City of Heyburn chief of police.


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