Twin Falls Administrative Restructure

The city council meets Mondays in Twin Falls.


TWIN FALLS — The city approved a $66.1 million budget for the next fiscal year that will bring monthly costs for the average resident up $1.55.

The budget reflects a decreased tax rate of $7.53 per $1,000 of property value, as the city’s taxable value grew by $288 million. Water, sewer and sanitation rates, however, are increasing. These enterprise funds are commonly thought of as small businesses, City Manager Travis Rothweiler explained, because they operate off of revenues they generate, not taxes.

Although the $1.55 increase could be the case with an average taxpayer, others will be affected differently.

“Each individual is going to have a different story and a different outcome,” Rothweiler said.

The budget also includes increased salaries for city employees and increased street spending. City Council members unanimously approved the final 2017-2018 fiscal year budget at their meeting Monday.

Also at the meeting, the Council voted to purchase a 0.83-acre parcel of land adjacent to the Public Works Department for $150,000. Water Superintendent Rob Bohling said it should accommodate public works’ growth for the next 15 to 20 years — including an anticipated addition of a stormwater management department in the next five years.

“We’re trying to be ahead of the game,” Bohling told the Times-News.

The City Council also:

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Approved an amendment to the Valencia Park ZDA master development plan eliminating the requirement for islands in the middle of a street. The council heard from the public and from applicant Dennis Hourany, who plans multifamily housing in the development adjacent to South Hills Middle School. Several council members believed the islands would not enhance safety, as intended, in an area where children are expected to frequently cross the road.

Approved vacating an undeveloped right-of-way along Morningside Drive.

Approved amendments to the city’s improvement reimbursement resolution.


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