TWIN FALLS — After a rash of burglaries in Twin Falls and Jerome counties, police say you shouldn’t leave your garage opener in your car overnight.

Someone has been burglarizing homes and garages over the past month. The Twin Falls Police Department said the burglars have either broken out vehicle windows to activate automatic garage door openers, or entered through open garage doors.

A number of garages and homes in both counties have been burglarized, sometimes even when the victim has been home. Twin Falls police detectives say they’re working on several leads in these cases.

In the meantime, residents should remove automatic garage door openers from their vehicles if their cars are left outside overnight.

“Be sure to lock all doors that allow entry into your home, regardless if it is connected to a secured garage or not,” Lt. Terry Thueson said in a statement. “Also, leaving a light on inside your home as well as lighting the exterior of your home are also ways to deter crime from occurring around your residence.

“Being attentive to what is occurring in your neighborhood is an important component of keep yourself and your neighborhood safe. If you see something suspicious or out of place, do not hesitate to call the police.”

The non-emergency dispatch center can be called by dialing 311 or 208-735-4357.