Christ calls the sinner. “Sinner, come.”

Though you have nothing or no one to recommend you; for Christ’s sake, come.

There are many people around you. Look at them. Are you part of a local fellowship of believers? Look at them again. Many, if not most of them, have found light. Not because of their own doing of future abilities to make Christ look good. Look at them again. You’ll notice something about them... they are covered with something that is not theirs. It is a covering of grace that cannot purchase from their bankrupt spiritual bank account. It is a grace that cannot be imitated. It is not a burden to them to be covered in this grace. It is a joy.

Sure, if one could peel back this grace you would see a sickness no one could recover from and no one would want to see.

Oh soul, look unto Christ! stop denying this ability of Christ. Can you hear the very Spirit of God speaking to your inner man to rise and go to the Father? Is there such a voice speaking to your inner man? Do not muzzle this kindness of God. Obey the Spirit immediately. Rise and go to your Heavenly Father before the day dawns.

Permit me to speak straightforward with you. My speaking is not harsh, my tone is not condemning, my disposition is not stiff. The promises that cheered your soul before, will they not comfort you today? Do not delay for a more convenient or more peaceful day. Every season and every day that passes increases the sorrow your inner man is in while you wait for a more convenient day or more peaceful moment.

You have been the victim of doubt before, the doubt will cause you deeper doubts today.

Christ is true! why delay your trusting?

Christ is trustworthy! why drift with doubt?

Christ can be believed! why look for another?

Arise! Arise now and be clothed in these beautiful garments of grace. Every hour you sit on the dunghill of despair the doubts grow more like iron chains. As Charles Spurgeon once said, “Your eye is growing dimmer, your hand more palsied; and the poison in your veins is raging more furiously.” Lift up your head! Look to Calvary’s Savior; there is grace in His blood for you.

The mercy gate swings open on its hinge to every soul downcast and burdened that will throw itself upon this Savior. Why wait? Delaying will not clear the air.

The only injury you can cause here is the reputation of Christ’s grace. It is yours! You’ve been given it! Live with joy in it. It is no advantage to Christ to reject any sinner. There is no glory for God to destroy the seeker He calls.

If others have such peace, why not you? Why hold back? You are called of God to come, come!