Tori Gagne



KETCHUM — Tori Gagne’s series “Moonlit Dance” will be on view from 11:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. on Fridays and Saturdays, Dec. 2 though Jan. 28, at Lipton Fine Arts, 411 Leadville Ave. #3, Ketchum. Her contemporary photographs reveal equine power, motion and beauty. Gagne uses vantage point, motion, blur, line and color to create imagery reminiscent of dreams, magic and the mythological horse.

“The images in this show were created at U.S. wild horse sanctuaries, local barns in my native state of Minnesota and during a shooting trip to stud farms in Italy,” Gagne said in a statement. “My personal relationship with a rescued racehorse has led me deeper into the world of the horse. They live in a highly intuitive world of the senses — a world we don’t often access as humans. To enter their world, you must be calm, centered and free of tension. This is a place of mutual trust where I can be present and free of the trappings of daily existence. I am grateful for the opportunity to honor this remarkable creature through my art.”

Gagne is interested in the plight of the wild horse in the U.S. and has spent time traveling to photograph them in the wild and in sanctuaries. She also spent time photographing horses in Europe; one of her favorite locations is the Carmargue region of France where she photographed the sturdy white horses that live in the delta of the Rhone River. Gagne also works in the genres of nature and abstract photography.

Gagne earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts after working and raising a family. She considers her own horse Glacier Point — an off-the-track thoroughbred — to be her rescue project and the teacher of many life lessons.

Gagne will be in attendance for the Gallery Walk from 5 to 8:30 p.m. on Dec. 29 at Lipton Fine Arts. A portion of the proceeds from her work supports organizations involved in the protection and sanctuary of the U.S. wild horse population. More information: contact Gary or Melissa Lipton at or call Gary Lipton at 248-561-5120.


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