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Three-cheese omlette


reporter Mychel Matthews’ favorite vegetarian meal a $7.29 three-cheese omelet at T-and-T Cafe in Hansen.


HANSEN — Nothing compares with a cafe that feels like home. But that kind of cafe can be tough to find when you’re a vegetarian.

But I’m an old pro about finding meatless meals. I’ve been a vegetarian for 44 years.

The T-and-T Cafe in Hansen fits the bill — which may sound strange for a place known for its hamburgers.

“We can provide many options,” said Tiffany Sanders, who has run the cafe since 2010 with her husband, Thomas, and her sister, Kari Nelson.

This threesome has been feeding me since the Sanders bought the cafe — and has never once served me meat.

It doesn’t make much sense to go out of the way to offer vegetarian specials, she said. Only two customers have ever shown interest in meals without meat: me and one other customer who actually does eat meat.

Ninety percent of T-and-T’s business is repeat customers.

“We pretty much know what everyone wants to eat,” Tiffany said, “and where they will sit.”

I was born into a family of carnivores, and I married into a family of carnivores — I know through experience that the concept of vegetarianism is a real mystery in meat-and-potato country. But it needn’t be.

I don’t eat meat or poultry. I’m not vegan. I sometimes eat eggs and dairy products, and, very rarely, fish or seafood.

My favorite meal is breakfast, served all day at T-and-T until closing time at 2 p.m. Thomas will whip up a cheese omelet for $7.29. Or make it with veggies for $7.99.

Thomas can also turn a $6.09 breakfast burrito into a veggie breakfast burrito by leaving the sausage out.

French toast is $5.29 and a full stack of pancakes are the same price. A cinnamon roll is a meal in itself.

See? It’s not rocket science.

Any greasy spoon can leave out the meat, but you won’t find many places “where everyone knows your name,” Tiffany said.

Guests make the rounds shaking hands with others before finding a seat or after paying their bill.

“How am I supposed to remember your name?” I asked Tiffany when I met her.

“Just remember, breakfast at Tiffany’s,” she quipped.


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