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Letters of Thanks

Thanks for a wonderful Live History Day

The Jerome County Historical Society wishes to thank those who helped make our 34th Live History Day wonderful for our visitors: Boy Scout Troop 139, Magic Valley Antique Tractor Pullers, Southern Idaho Draft Horse and Mule Association, Jerome High School FFA, Lola Fitzpatrick’s petting zoo, Bits & Spurs 4-H club, the Lickley family, Agropur (Jerome Cheese), Southern Idaho Model Railroaders, Idaho Rodeo Hall of Fame, Civil War Re-enactors including “President Lincoln,” Revolutionary War Re-enactors, Denzel and Jackie Larsen, Wal-Mart, Sign Works, Ida-Licious, Jerome County Sheriff’s Community Service Workers, Horizon Elementary, Fiddlers, Inc., Moss Greenhouse, Western Ag, Western Waste, KART radio, our membership volunteers, all the persons who baked fruit pies, Rev. Richard Goetsch, Lois Adams, and, of course, all of the visitors who experienced the way of life in Magic Valley in the early years.

We are looking for local persons or organizations to “adopt” a building at the Idaho Farm and Ranch Museum to clean, paint, do minor repairs through the summer and/or be a docent during Live History Day. Call Jerome County Historical Society office 208-324-5641 or email

Jerome County Historical Society

Live History Day coordinators: Peg Roberson, Shonna Fraser, Kim Lickley, Linda Helms

8th annual cow P.I.E. a huge hit

Thanks to all who made the TFSD Education Foundation’s 8th Annual Cow P.I.E. (Partner in Education) a huge hit! Congratulations to our grand prize winner, Mike Holloman, who won $500 cash, gift certificate to the Escape Room, Pizza Pie Café party for 10, and an All Sports Pass to TFHS. Congrats also go out to all 40 winners of cash, gift certificates and prizes! We couldn’t do it without our sponsors: Gold Level: Plant Therapy and Stotz Equipment, Silver Level: Key Bank, US Bank, D.L. Evans Bank, Edward Jones, Keveren Foundation, Inc., Hilex Poly/Novolex and Cap Ed, Red Level: Beams Flooring America, Balanced Rock Insurance Agency, Inc., Idaho Medicine Associates-Drs. Burgett, Dimaggio, Dopp, Helms, Laucius, and Anne Fulmer, NP, Northwest Farm Credit Services and Zions Bank, Green Level: Hudson’s Shoes, Yellow level: Huberta Phipps, LCPC, Vision Source Eye Center, and Rocky Tops, LLC. Thanks also go out to our in-kind donors: Pizza Pie Café, Escape Room, Perkins, Blip Printers, Chevrolet of Twin Falls, VLCM, Vickers, Les Schwab, Blu, Maxie’s Pizza, Taco John’s, Putter’s Golf, and Stephanie Krebs at Watkins Distributing. Thank you to the National Guard for providing our spirit judges, the Casdorph Family for providing the much-needed COWS, Music Monkey for the sound system, both schools for their energy and leadership, our high school FFA, CRHS and TFHS cheer, dance, band and drum corps for the entertainment and friendly competition, and both school student councils and advisers for their time and dedication!

Congratulations to CRHS for receiving the Spirit Bell, to TFHS for the football game win, CRHS Booster Club for winning $500 for the cow who “relieved itself” first. Congrats to all the students for collecting truckloads of canned food for our community! The spirit was felt by all who attended! We appreciate everyone who purchased tickets, our sponsors, our hard-working Cow P.I.E chairman and awesome Foundation Board members, and this wonderful community for helping the TFSD Education Foundation raise funds for our Teacher Mini Grant Program, which helps provide funding for innovation in our classrooms!

See you all next year for the 9th Annual Cow P.I.E./Service Bowl game!

Linda Watkins

TFSD Education Foundation executive director

Other View: Tax reform for cowards

This appeared in Friday’s Washington Post.

Tax reform was supposed to attract wide, bipartisan support. Lower rates would be fully offset by cutting unneeded deductions and loopholes. The benefit would be a simpler, more efficient tax code. But the idea has moved steadily toward just another irresponsible GOP tax cut, paid for with magical thinking, that would erode the nation’s fiscal health and burden future generations. Republicans who know better must resist this path.

President Donald Trump released a tax reform framework Wednesday, promising that “historic tax relief” would result in higher wages and a “middle-class miracle.” That’s about as likely as it sounds. In fact, the plan is packed with giveaways to the wealthy and threatens to add even more to the debt.

Trump promises hefty tax cuts for ordinary people and little benefit to top earners such as himself. But because he refuses to release his own tax returns, Americans have no idea how much he would benefit from his own tax plan. Three major provisions suggest it would, in fact, do a lot for the wealthy.

First, it would create a special rate for so-called pass-through corporations, which, if not done carefully, could open a massive loophole in the tax code, leading to widespread tax avoidance among financiers, lawyers and people who can pay for savvy tax advice.

Second, the plan would eliminate the alternative minimum tax, which prevents wealthy people from ducking their tax bills. Trump’s leaked 2005 tax return showed he paid a hefty bill because of the alternative minimum tax a decade ago.

Third, the plan would end the estate tax, which would be a brazen giveaway to wealthy heirs. Only the richest of estates are subject to the tax, yet cutting it would blow a big hole in public finances. The plan would do this while promising uncertain benefits to ordinary people who work for a living. In a time of extreme wealth inequality, this is the last thing Congress needs to do.

And Republicans are not going to pay for these giveaways to the rich, which means future workers will pick up the tab. They have promised to raise money by cutting tax deductions, but they have been more specific about the deductions they would keep than the ones they would eliminate. They’ve done none of the hard work, in other words. Meanwhile, they admit they are unwilling to fully pay for the tax cuts they want, so they are giving themselves permission to cut up to $1.5 trillion in taxes without any offsets at all, arguing that a spurt of economic growth would make up for much of the lost revenue.

This is tax reform, in other words, for dishonest political cowards. It is not a legacy that members of Congress should want to leave to their children.

Our View: Cheers and Jeers


Cheers to Twin Falls County commissioners for backing out of sponsorship for the Transportation Committee for the Greater Twin Falls Area.

The group includes representatives from highway districts, the county and its cities, the trucking industry and law enforcement. The group’s purpose is to recommend transportation policy to state officials.

But the committee has been plagued by problems for years. Most recently in 2015, the group was castigated by Twin Falls County Prosecutor Grant Loebs, who learned the committee had been violating open meetings rules for years, thanks to a tip from county resident Jill Skeem.

The group’s members are also supposed to pay dues. No one is.

It’s time for a clean break.

The county should continue to listen to the committee and study its recommendations, but the committee should no longer speak on behalf of the county, or appear to.

Disentangling is a good decision for the county.


Jeers to Idaho Rep. Raul Labrador, who is running for governor, and members of the Idaho Legislature who’ve signed a letter to Attorney General Jeff Sessions asking the Justice Department to back off prosecuting Idaho residents involved in the Bunkerville standoff.

The showdown with federal authorities in Nevada triggered the movement that led to the Malheur Wildlife Refuge occupation in Oregon. One of the Idahoans charged in the case, Eric Parker from Hailey, was photographed pointing a high-powered rifle at federal authorities attempting to seize the cattle of Cliven Bundy.

Parker and Scott Drexler of Challis have twice been tried for their roles in the standoff, and both times juries either deadlocked or acquitted the men of most charges. But federal prosecutors say justice still has not been served for Parker and Drexler, who prosecutors say committed assault and threatened Bureau of Land Management agents.

A new trial is slated to begin Oct. 10.

These men deserve to be prosecuted to the full extent of the law, not given a pass. Legislators attempting to intervene in the case are giving a wink and nod to other anti-government extremists that Idaho will have their back in the state’s never-ending grudge against the federal government. A sense of legitimacy is the last thing Idaho needs to give to the heavily armed militia fighters who believe it’s their mission to protect us from the United States government.

We have real concerns that Magic Valley legislators who signed the letter aren’t fully aware of what went down in Nevada in April 2014, when militia men were recorded on video pointing loaded weapons at federal agents. Or, at the very least, they’re tone deaf to the symbolism their signatures carry.

Magic Valley lawmakers who signed include Rep. Lance Clow, Sen. Kelly Anthon and Sen. Bert Brackett.


Cheers to a witness in Caldwell, who suspected Chad L. McLean might be driving the same car spotted Sept. 18 cruising near Harrison Elementary School. Parents in Twin Falls reported to police that a man in a gray car with tinted windows was offering rides to young girls.

Police say McLean is, indeed, the driver of that car. He was arrested last weekend in Caldwell and charged with the Twin Falls crimes after detectives here interviewed him.

The witness tip, solid police work and great communication between agencies led to the arrest.

“(The Caldwell Police Department’s) outstanding police work helped our detective close out a significant case with an arrest that will make our community a safer place to live,” said Twin Falls Lt. Terry Thueson.