After five years with a call center in Twin Falls, Rena Kelsey suddenly found herself unemployed.

C3/CustomerContactChannels outsourced her position — and dozens of others — in mid-March. Although Kelsey had kind of expected it, that didn’t soften the blow.

“I felt lost because that was my world,” the former workforce analyst said. “I lived and breathed my job.”

Kelsey filed for unemployment on and off over the next 2 1/2 months, while putting in applications and trying to find a job that suited her.

Ironically, the job found her.

“It’s weird that the jobs that I’m really happy with were the ones that reached out to me,” Kelsey said.

In early June, Kelsey accepted an offer from Elwood Staffing to take a full-time — albeit seasonal — position as a staffing manager. The company had found her resume at just hours after she posted it.

Previously, a manager at women’s fashion retailer Torrid called Kelsey after she’d been praised in a former co-worker’s interview. Kelsey was hired for a part-time sales job on the spot in March while still working at C3.

For Kelsey, it’s a relief not to have to file for unemployment every week to pay the mortgage.

“It’s very time-consuming sometimes,” she said. “It’s very sad to do it. … I don’t like living off that money. I like my hard-earned money.”

Kelsey will look for work to start in September, after her Elwood Staffing job ends, but will also pursue a home-based business photographing bands at concerts.


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