Cammon Wutzke was thankful for plentiful jobs in Cassia County, which allowed him to stay in the place he calls home but also be more choosy as a job seeker.

In January, Wutzke wanted to leave his job as sales manager for the Best Western Plus in Burley. So he did his research and discovered the popular online resume site

Within 24 hours of posting his resume, he started getting phone calls.

“I knew that it was gonna be pretty easy to find a job,” Wutzke said. “Look at the unemployment rate. … Employers are desperate right now.”

He used that to his advantage. During phone conversations, several companies named higher salaries to meet his expectations. Wutzke got three to four phone calls a week from financial services companies trying to expand or branch out to the Magic Valley.

“It’s an extremely great feeling,” he said.

Because there was no shortage of job opportunities, Wutzke took his time and made his decision based not only on salary, but on flexible hours, an unlimited pay structure and benefits.

“If the unemployment was 8 percent, I wouldn’t have had that opportunity,” he said.

He did formal job interviews with two prospective employers and in April began working from home in financial services for New York Life Insurance Co., which has satellite offices in Boise and Twin Falls.

Wutzke chose the job because of the leadership role he’d take, the training and the experience. And at 34 years old with a family, he was thankful he wouldn’t have to relocate.

His problem in late June? Wutzke was still getting phone inquiries because he hadn’t figured out how to take his resume off the website.


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