Cassia Patrol

Cassia County sheriff’s deputy David Potter, right, speaks with Sgt. Kenny Emery before Emery runs his K-9, Nikki, during an April 4 traffic stop in Burley.


BURLEY — The Burley City Council is not completely satisfied with a couple of points laid out in the Cassia County law enforcement contract.

No final decisions were made regarding the document during the city’s Tuesday meeting.

Instead, the council sent the contract back to the city attorney to be reworded.

Under the contract, the city would pay the county $1.513 million for 2016-2017 and a 2 percent increase the second year of the contract.

The contract says the sheriff’s office would purchase two new patrol cars the first year and three during the next year for the city division.

Points of contention in the contract include the county’s requirement that the city set up a separate system for after-hours payments and calls. Currently those services are provided by the sheriff’s dispatch office.

City Administrator Mark Mitton said he has reviewed hundreds of dispatch logs and there are usually only a handful of calls between midnight and 7 a.m. so it would not put much of a burden on dispatchers.

Councilman Bryce Morgan said he does not think it would be a big deal to change the message on the city’s answering machine so it includes the on-call numbers for water, wastewater and the electric department.

The other debated point is the county wants the city to pay more than $1,000 a month in 911 fees for North Burley, which is in Minidoka County. Minidoka County collects those 911 fees from residents.

City Attorney Dave Shirley said the money would go into a 911 fund that is dedicated to equipment upgrades.

“I don’t really have an issue paying that money because I know how that system works,” Councilman Casey Andersen said.

But, he said, the city asked if it could have a representative on the 911 board and was denied.

“That’s what makes it hard for me to come up with the extra money,” Andersen said.

Councilman Bryce Morgan said he hates “the back and forth stuff” on what he considers “silly stuff.”

The council asked Shirley to rework the contract, which will be presented to the council again at a future meeting.


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