The Idaho Transportation Department suggests that if drivers are feeling drowsy, they should pull off the road, drink some coffee and stretch tired muscles. If a driver is really sleepy, ITD suggests getting off the road and taking a nap.

The key part in that second suggestion, of course, is getting off the road before starting a nap.

But a man who called police early Thursday morning told police that Crystal Marie Porter, 33, of Buhl was asleep at the wheel of her vehicle at a Twin Falls intersection.

Porter was arraigned Thursday in Twin Falls County Magistrate Court on a felony count of possession of a controlled substance and a misdemeanor count of reckless driving.

The witness who called police saw Porter sleeping in a black Toyota on Pole Line Road about 4:05 a.m. Thursday, but when he knocked on the driver’s side window, Porter woke up and drove away, court documents said. The witness saw Porter turn left onto Grandview Drive and nearly crash into a barricade.

The witness followed Porter in his own vehicle as she continued south on Grandview Drive and turned left on Filer Avenue, where she stopped several times in the middle of the street, court documents said. An officer caught up with Porter, pulled her over and asked her to perform three sobriety tests; she passed one and failed two.

Officers arrested Porter on a reckless driving charge, and during a search of her vehicle found a used methamphetamine pipe under the driver’s seat, court records said.

Porter is being held in county jail in lieu of $25,000 bond on the felony charge and a preliminary hearing is scheduled for Friday.


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