An off-duty Jerome County sheriff's deputy got a scare last week when a friend's gun accidentally discharged.

Jerome County Sheriff Doug McFall said deputy Anthony Gratzer did not need hospital treatment when shrapnel hit him.

A friend of Gratzer's brought a new gun to the deputy's home to show it off Friday, McFall said. Gratzer cleared the gun and gave it back to his friend, but at some point the gun was reloaded, McFall said.

McFall said Gratzer's friend shot himself in the knee, and shrapnel from the bullet hit Gratzer in the side of his abdomen.

Gratzer was shaken up and now won't allow anyone to bring weapons to his house, McFall said.

McFall said the man with the gun was lucky -- he ended up not hitting any bones.

Jerome police investigated and concluded the shooting was accidental.

Gratzer is a cautious person, McFall said, and isn't sure how the gun went off.

It just goes to show, McFall said, that a gun is not a toy. Whether someone is inspecting, cleaning or simply showing off a firearm, it needs to be treated with care.

"Guns just must be treated at all times like they're loaded," he said.

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Why is shrapnel a question?

Alison Smith
Alison Smith

It was supposed to be more of a question the reader might have... but I think you're right, it makes it a bit confusing. I took it out.

Jerry Holton
Jerry Holton

At some point the gun was reloaded? Shot in the knee and shrapnel hit his abdomen?
Why if showing a friend a weapon of any sorts would it ever get loaded especially if you take it to there house? If it was brought out bolt should have stayed opened the whole time or pointed away at all times. When someone is done looking at it should be reopened and stay that way till you get home or where you are going.
Shot in the knee and shrapnel hit him? How would that work ? Story must not have all been there since alot of questions are left. Glad no one was seriously injured due to neglect and not having the knowledge of the weapon they possess.


You dont have the knowledge of what happened.

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