On a snowy day in Idaho, why not hunker down inside, put a fire in the stove, get something hot to eat and watch old movies with the family? Before you do all that, get out and pick up some beers. The darker and heavier, the better! In that vein, I have some new beers for you that will keep you warm while the snow flies outside.

10 Barrel Brewing Project: Failed Red Ale

Our friends at 10 Barrel Brewing tried to do something crazy when bottling its red ale: bottling it after being conditioned on nitro. Not only did it not work, it spectacularly failed. Watch the video to see how this stunt literally blew up in 10 Barrel’s face. So, this beer’s label isn’t just a clever name. Tom at Rudy’s says it’s a really nice red ale, balanced and clean with a touch of caramelly sweetness.

Grand Teton Trout Hop Black IPA

I’m going to have to look at maybe changing my views on the black IPA. After Dead Dagger, Mountain Standard and now Trout Hop, I’m starting to think breweries are dialing in how to do these Cascadian ales the right way. That means you want some type of black malt, probably patent or de-husked carafa, that adds color without adding that bitter coffee bitterness and some seriously high alpha hops with citrus characteristics. Boom, you’ve got something special. The hops are clean and citrusy, and you get a little bit of roasted malts on the nose, but it doesn’t carry over to the flavor profile. Trout Hop is another winner from our friends in Victor.

Oskar Blues Ten Fiddy Imperial Stout

Another beer from Oskar Blues has snuck into our local stores. This one is Ten Fiddy, the imperial stout from our friends in Colorado. This beer pours super thick like velvety motor oil, settling in the glass with a brown sugar colored head that quickly dissipates. Flavors of roasted malt, dark chocolate, smoke and a little bit of coffee coat the tongue, finishing with just a bit of hoppy bitterness. At 10 percent abv, you don’t have to feel bad about sharing this canned treat.

Sierra Nevada Bigfoot Barleywine 2014

The newest edition of Bigfoot has been released. Big malts and bigger hops culminate in a really nice beer that ages very well. Flavors of over-ripened fruit, dark breads and piney hops roll around on your tongue with a lingering bitterness that might remind you of a fine wine that needs just a little bit of age. Put away a few of these to pop open on the Fourth of July and again on New Year’s Eve, and you’ll understand why I advocate cellaring.

Crooked Fence Hop Notion

I’m sure the guys at Crooked Fence can correct me if I’m wrong, but I believe this is the new standard IPA to take over the Devil’s Pick IPA. This beer separates from Devil’s Pick by having a more floral aroma, where Devil’s was more fruity. This one has more malty aromas and hoppy citrus notes to go along with a stronger hop profile. We should start to see this on tap around town. Give it a try.

Matt’s Burning Rosids

This new Cherry-Smoked Imperial Saison comes to us from Stone Brewing Co. Named for Stone brewer Matt Courtright, who tragically died in a forklift accident while at work, Matt’s Burning Rosids came from a recipe that Matt and another Stone brewer were working on before his untimely death. Funds from the sale of this beer will go to help GoDesignInc.org, a charity that Matt had worked with in the past. Go pick it up at Rudy’s and celebrate Matt’s life with this fantastic beer. Matt’s Burning Rosids is a strong saison style beer with some wonderful smoked cherry malt that takes this beer to a whole other level. Go pick it up at Rudy’s.


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