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A lovely assortment of caps.

(Courtesy photo by Steve Koonce)

Happy Valentine’s Day, everybody! Did you stay up late last night and spell your loved one’s name in bottle caps on the kitchen counter? Next year I will share my advice on nailing Valentine’s Day, but, let’s face it, I’m a little late. So if you screwed it up, perhaps these links will remind you that the couch isn’t so bad -- it's usually closer to the fridge and often has a television in front of it -- and that there’s some sweet brews headed our way.

Here is my little candy heart to you: a Whitman’s sampler of beer news. So, without further ado, the links!

Getting the Most Love out of Beer in Food has released a guide to cooking with beer and other alcoholic beverages that you should keep on the old iPad when cooking with our favorite drink. There are lots of little tidbits in here like the fact that sometimes you don’t cook all of the alcohol out of the dish that you are preparing, which is important if you’re cooking for little ones. There’s a guide to using craft beer in ice cream that may tickle your taste buds, and you'll find out which brews work best with mussels. Maybe one of these tricks will get you off the couch and back in your honey’s good graces.

4-Way from Sierra Nevada

Sierra Nevada revealed its next 12-pack of goodness, the 4-Way IPA Variety pack. Included is the brand new Snow Wit white IPA, Nooner Session IPA and the Blindfold Black IPA along with old-time favorite Torpedo Extra IPA. To say I’m excited would be like saying my fiancé was slightly peeved at the bottle cap mess left in the kitchen this morning. Black IPA’s are getting better (so are white IPA’s for that matter), and I’m excited to see what one of America’s best breweries will do with those two exciting new varietals.

Sexy New Brew from Grand Teton

You try coming up with a love pun for this one. Lazy Marmot, perhaps the least sexy beast on the planet, is coming back to our shelves from Grand Teton Brewing, and this beer is anything but a bump on the log. This Maibock is brewed with Idaho two-row pale malt and subtly spiced with flavorful noble hops. Buy a couple of them and cellar one for six to eight months and see how this Lazy Marmot jumps up in flavor profile.

Happy Valentine’s Day! Remember that dark beers are cozy and warm, but oak-aged dark beers are dead sexy. Cheers!


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