BLOG: Most Offensive Idaho Governor Candidate?

2013-09-19T13:00:00Z BLOG: Most Offensive Idaho Governor Candidate?By Kimberlee Kruesi Twin Falls Times-News

Harley Brown isn't a serious candidate against Gov. C.L. "Butch" Otter but he may be the most offensive.

Some of Brown's campaign material landed on my desk yesterday, just as Lt. Gov. Brad Little announced he wouldn't be running for Gov. C.L. "Butch" Otter's office.

Included in the packet is a business card with the motto:

Talk like a man

Tell the truth

With the bark on

Attack our biggest threats first

Do it for our kids' future

God help us

(Right above the motto, he blacked out "One of Hell's Angels.")

I'm not exactly sure what it means to talk with the bark on  maybe it's because I talk like a woman?

Brown is no stranger to elections. His most recent attempt was running for the U.S. House but prior to that he ran for the Idaho Senate and other local offices.

Brown's website [WARNING: Contains offensive material] lists many reasons why he's running but also includes 54 "Harleyisms," which can only be described as offensive, sexist, racist and homophobic.

Also, bizarre. Decent human beings don't talk like this. His Harleyisms rage against whores and women but he's the one seeking a cheap thrill with this kind of ridiculous campaign ploy.

Below are his reasons for running.

Why I Seek the Republican Gubernatorial Nomination

I naturally care deeply about my country as a patriotic American and disabled veteran. The fact that I have many children and grandchildren kindles a burning desire deep in my heart to hand them even a better country than our baby boomer generation inherited from the greatest generation of Americans - the World War II generation of American heroes. I love Idaho. Truly this splendid dominion is majestic in natural beauty, blessed with wonderful people clinging tenaciously to a broad spectrum of conservative, righteous values, and has no vile helmet laws to boot. I would delight in zealously advocating the God given Tenth Amendment Guarantee of states rights on behalf of all Idahoans and be overjoyed to mix it up anytime, anywhere with the feds whenever their minions of unconstitutional villainy dare to mess with the sovereign State of Idaho. I want to severely restrict the Idaho Department of W-ealth and Hell-fare. As it is, all too frequently they forcefully take children from their innocent parents without due process of law. I do believe that it is essential that this organization have the power to protect innocent children. However, all too often their loose adherence to due process separates kind and loving parents from well adjusted children. This causes serious emotional harm to the children they are supposed to protect and causes mental anguish and an expensive legal battle for the parents. There are many problems with this frustratingly disorganized organization that I wish to address but, this is by far the most important issue. I'm down on abortion like God Almighty is down on sin. I hate brutal baby murder and given the powers of governor I would be in a much stronger position to eliminate abortion forever. A special form of bloody murder that happens to be legal doesn't make it moral or right. Though the issues above are important, the following is more personal and to the point of "Why" I am running:

In November of 1994 at the age of 40, having been a company commander many years ago, I prayed to command a USN Seabee battalion of 1,000 men. God told me he was going to appoint me to a much higher rank - The Commander in Chief no less!

In Naval officer circles, its all about "Command at Sea". I am aswking for your permision and your trust to allow me to take command of a 2,500 ton destroyer (Idaho) before I assume command of a 57,000 ton Iowa class battleship (the USA). If I am going to make any mistakes then let my learning curve be in the little league.

At the risk of having the credibility of Chicken Little: "The sky is falling!" I have disclosed the absolute truth. If you have any questions then ask God for yourself. I assure you that it is 100% His idea

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  1. peage
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    peage - September 19, 2013 1:43 pm
    Lol! Thanks for pointing this one out Kimberlee!

    "Since I believe that it is my God-given destiny to be the future President of the United States.." --So, is he an epic political troll or a guy suffering from some serious mental illness. I'm leaning to the second.
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