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ALMO – Some people joined the Magic Valley Camera Club in search of tips for how to shoot better photographs. Others were looking for camaraderie. Some were just looking to pick up a hobby. Read more


ALMO — As towers of granite greeted emigrants taking the California Trail through Idaho in the mid-1800s, hundreds of pioneers felt compelled to leave their mark in the valley’s silent City of Rocks. Read more


1915: Utah makes marijuana illegal. It's the second state in the nation (California was first) and the first one bordering Idaho to do so. Read more

  • Karen Bossick For the Times-News

HAILEY — It was another rowdy evening at The Senior Connection. Betty Grant and other Connection “members” were dancing to the Beach Boys. Some of the men batted beach balls around the room. Executive Director Teresa Beahen Lipman began leading the group in spelling out the “YMCA” song. Read more