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A 360º view from the Knievel jump site.

Many Twin Falls residents will tell you that wherever they travel, they merely have to mention "Evel Knievel," and people know exactly that Twin Falls, Idaho was the place where the daredevil tried to rocket over the Snake River Canyon.
Robert "Evel" Knievel´s jump on Sept. 8, 1974 literally put the small Idaho city on the map.
Even now, one seems to have neutral feelings about the event or the man himself, who died Nov. 30, 2007. The town still debates whether the jump was an exciting piece of showmanship that woke up a town and brought fame and money, or destructive bawdy hoopla, leaving behind a bad taste and flurry of lawsuits and unpaid bills.
One thing sure, that day in September has become a part of Twin Falls.
What physically remains of the jump is a dirt ramp upon which the launch ramp was built. In 2007, the Twin Falls City Council approved an agreement for a land trade to acquire the property that includes Knievel´s launch site to turn into an attraction and as part of a canyon trail system.
This Web page is a collection of memories, articles, videos, photos and more about the Snake River Canyon Jump when a daredevil attempted to cross a canyon in a rocket, but really made a leap into the history of Twin Falls.
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Evel Knievel (1971)
The movie starrred George Hamilton
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