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Do you have a favorite Burrito? ley! l a V c i Mag n 8 i o t i r r u rito-201 r B u B e t t i s r r favo u o y r o day f reetap Vote to alley.secondst Magicv o see t y a d s edne W h c und. a o e r s t x w e e n es-N the m i o t T d e e h t c dvan a Check s o t i r r u which b Vote Everyday! Winning Burrito announced Wed., April 18th Alcpulco (Rupert) vs. El Sombrero (Jerome) Chioptle (Twin Falls) vs. El Toro (Truck in Twin Falls) Taco Johns (Twin Falls) vs. Playa Azul (Rupert) Los Molcajetes (Twin Falls) vs. La Campesina (Jerome) El Tapatio (Wendell) vs. Chapalita’s Grill (Hailey) Taqueria El Patron (Heyburn) vs.Tacos El Jefe (Richfield) Cafe Rio (Twin Falls) vs. El Mirador (Burley) Tacos Dos Hermanos (Twin Falls) vs. La Parilla Mexican Restaurant (Ketchum) La Costa Colima (Jerome) vs. Jalico Taqueria (Heyburn) Don Panchon (Paul) vs. Despo’s (Ketchum) El Cazador (Gooding) vs. La Cabanita Mex (Bellevue, Ketchum) Cheverria’s (Twin Falls) vs. Maverick gas stations (many locations) Tiger Stop (Jerome) vs. Guadalajara Mexican Restaurant (Burley) Mi Tierra (Twin Falls) vs. 9 Beans and a Burrito (Twin Falls) El Caporal (Burley) vs. El Korita (Buhl) Vaquero Mexican Restaurant (Buhl) vs.Taco Jalisco (Heyburn) El Toro (Gooding) vs. Rolberto’s (Twin Falls) Taco Time (Eden) vs. Burley Burger (Burley) Fiesta Ole (Kimberly) vs. La Casita (Twin Falls) La Raza Tortilleria (Burley) vs. Mi Pueblo (Twin Falls) Don Juan’s (Twin Falls) vs. Jarrito’s (Twin Falls) La Fiesta (Twin Falls) vs. Lago Azul (Hailey) KB’s (Twin Falls, Hailey) vs.Taco Bell (Twin Falls) Esta at Club 511 (Ketchum) vs. El Cazador (Buhl) Garibaldi's (Twin Falls) vs.The Burrito Lady (Shoshone) Tacos Villa (Jerome) vs. Mama Inez (Ketchum) Tacos El Paisa (Jerome) vs. Charlie’s Cafe (Burley) Juanita’s Tacos and More (Buhl,Twin Falls) vs. Janitzio (Twin Falls) Taqueria El Mirador (Burley) vs. El Nayar (Rupert) La Hacienta (Burley) vs. Chili’s (Twin Falls) Aguila Con El Taco (Burley) vs. Polo’s Cafe (Burley) La Blaza (Buhl) vs. Costa Vida (Twin Falls)

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