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Can you spell W-I-n-n-e-R-s? Introducing the 2018 Times-news Regional spelling Bee Champion and all of the school Champions who completed in the 2018 Regional spelling Bee. 2018 Times-News Regional Spelling Bee Champion Emily Fouts Vera C O’Leary Junior High School School Spelling Bee Champions BELLEVuE ELEMENTaRy SCHOOL JEFFERSON ELEMENTaRy OaKLEy ELEMENTaRy SCHOOL Romina Zavala Grade: 5 Winning Word: scorpion Sienna Johnson Grade: 3 Winning Word: basting Nicole Nelson Grade: 5 Winning Word: Venice Brandi Hartley Grade: 5 Winning Word: motion Lydia Perry Grade: 3 Winning Word: horrid Aiden Emery Grade: 6 Winning Word: nursery BiCKEL ELEMENTaRy SCHOOL Lailee Dixon Grade: 5 Winning Word: compact KiMBERLy ELEMENTaRy SCHOOL Mallory Kelsey Grade: 5 Winning Word: lama SOuTH HiLLS MiddLE SCHOOL Garris Cale Grade: 6 Winning Word: handiwork Hannah Silvaz Grade: 8 Winning Word: contagious OREgON TRaiL ELEMENTaRy SCHOOL Ricky Roper Grade: 5 Winning Word: cheddar Niah Wiersema Grade: 6 Winning Word: nausea SuMMiT ELEMENTaRy Alyssa Jensen Grade: 4 Winning Word: clipper BRidgE aCadEMy Abigail Burrill Grade: 8 Winning Word: crematoria Abigail Williams Grade: 5 Winning Word: propaganda KiMBERLy MiddLE SCHOOL Hannah Reed Grade: 6 Winning Word: nursery Parker Leak Grade: 5 Winning Word: marmalade Adrien Albright Grade: 5 Winning Word: cosmic PiLLaR FaLLS ELEMENTaRy Josslyn Blair Grade: 5 Winning Word: segregation Aidan Stallones Grade: 5 Winning Word: custody VERa C O’LEaRy JuNiOR HigH SCHOOL Jadon Parker Grade: 8 Winning Word: memorandum dECLO JuNiOR HigH SCHOOL Kyler Dalton Grade: 7 Winning Word: Orthopedic Jocelyn Maxwell Grade: 7 Winning Word: handiwork Sadie Williams Grade: 7 Winning Word: consecutive Dylan Sayers Grade: 5 Winning Word: superb Emily Fouts Grade: 8 Winning Word: noctograph ROCK CREEK ELEMENTaRy Eyouel Abate Grade: 7 Winning Word: nebulosity Dylan Peacock Grade: 3 Winning Word: amputation LiNCOLN ELEMENTaRy SCHOOL Mallory Tegan Grade: 7 Winning Word: mythos David Schmitz Grade: 4 Winning Word: marsh HaRRiSON ELEMENTaRy SCHOOL Jally Zi Grade: 5 Winning Word: alley wHiTE PiNE ELEMENTaRy Tanner Coleman Grade: 4 Winning Word: peroxide Kiana Robinson Grade: 6 Winning Word: auspices SawTOOTH ELEMENTaRy SCHOOL Benjamin Luis Kim Grade: 2 Winning Word: marsh Helen Carvajal Grade: 6 Winning Word: putrefaction Darren Su Grade: 4 Winning Word: breakfast MORNiNgSidE ELEMENTaRy SCHOOL Maylee Ward Grade: 4 Winning Word: primers Scout Irby Grade: 3 Winning Word: altitude Victor Pugh Grade: 6 Winning Word: pulmonary Will Hawkins Grade: 5 Winning Word: slobbery i B PERRiNE ELEMENTaRy SCHOOL Edward Allen Grade: 5 Winning Word: sprinkle Jeffrey Proctor Grade: 3 Winning Word: diagram Alexa Seals Grade: 5 Winning Word: crumpled Special Thanks to our Magic Valley Educators for all your hard work preparing your students for the Spelling Bee! regional SPelling Bee

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