Details for NuEar Hearing Center / Northland Hearing Centers - Ad from 2017-10-23

NEED A HEARING AID Custom fit to your ear TRY ONE FREE, ALL THIS WEEK! Schedule your FREE hearing test this week, and during your visit you will be fit with the NOW iQTM, the latest invisible technology from NuEar. Using a technology called Live Speech Mapping owner and specialist, Shawn Burnham will adjust the high frequencies until speech sounds, like F, S, Th, Sh, T, P, and K are improved. You will notice immediate results. This NEW technology is available from NuEar at a special factory reduced offer of 40% OFF MSRP during this week’s promotion only! Call for your free appointment today (208) 969-9012. The FREE In-Office trials are by appointment only. Call for your FREE hearing test this week and your in-office trial is included, FREE of charge! Hurry, this event ends Friday, October 27th! Call today (208) 969-9012 or schedule on our website: During your appointment you will receive a FREE Video Otoscopic Ear Canal Inspection! Using our video otoscope we’ll do a complete inspection of your ear canal and eardrum to see if there’s wax blockage problem or a condition that may require medical attention. This Procedure is completely painless and FREE of charge! Yes it’s in there! Call Today (208) 969-9012! Shawn’s passion for great sound and clear hearing has been a huge part of his life for over two decades now. While originally from Northern Utah, he has enjoyed Shawn Burnham Hearing Instrument operating four highly Specialist successful practices in both Indiana and Illinois. Shawn earned his Bachelors degree from Weber State University in Ogden, UT and completed his Audiology training at Parkland in Illinois graduating at the top of his class! Shawn enjoys giving back to the TWIN FALLS LOCATION community through volunteering with 459 Locust Street N., Suite #110 the BSA, as a soccer coach, providing service through the Snake River Business Twin Falls, ID 83301 Network, and being an advisor for church youth groups. He loves offering a wealth of hearing health education and especially providing the best Open Monday – Friday 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM programming and service in the valley! (208) 969-9012 SPECIAL 5 DAY OFFER SPECIAL 5 DAY OFFER Free 30% OFF* In-Office Trials of NuEar Now iQTM Offer Expires 10/27/2017 NuEar Now iQTM Hearing Aids - Any style! *MSRP on a pair. Offer Expires 10/27/2017 BURLEY LOCATION 2311 Parke Ave., Suite #3 Burley, ID 83318 (208) 572-3278 Open Tuesdays by Appointment Only

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