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63 YEARS OF SERVICE 130 Eastland Drive South Twin Falls, ID Do It Yourself and Save! • OSCILLATING BLADES • RECIPROCATING SAW BLADES • SPADE, SCREWDRIVER BITS • AUGER, DRILL BITS • HOLE SAWS • SETS AND MORE LED HID REPLACEMENTS 5998 70, 100, 250W HID equivalent lighting. 5000K, 100-277V S9390 S9391 S9394 18W 22W 54W 2160L 2640L 6480L $41.40 $44.98 $86.40 DUAL MOUNT MOTION ACTIVATED LED SECURITY LIGHT PRIME 1198 3992 SMOKE FIRE & CO ALARM EXTRA HEAVY DUTY DIGITAL TIMER TNDHD002. 2-Outlet, 16 customizable On/Off settings, countdown mode. 81 95 RTH7600D1030. 7 Day touchscreen programmable thermostat with auto change heat to cool. NOMACO PIPE INSULATION Pre-slit, pre-glued. Uniform closed cell structure. May be direct buried. 6’-lengths. 1/2” thick wall 1/2” thick wall 1/2” thick wall 3/4” thick wall 3/4” thick wall 3/4” thick wall $3.69 $4.16 $4.77 $5.25 $6.30 $7.63 29 70 PC900. New slim design, versatile mount. Battery operated. Mute button. Ten year limited warranty. 5724 1500W PORTABLE HEATER 6201. Lightweight unit fits virtually anywhere: 5-1/4” x 6” x 6”. Thermostat controlled with indicator lights.Two fan-forced heat settings (or fan only). Designed with safety in mind. LED AREA LIGHT LM 1801 BZ. 16W, 1500 Lumens, 5000K, 180° sensor, 70 ft range. Bronze & White. PRIME 1/2” 58CT 3/4” 78CT 1” 118CT 1/2” 58DT 3/4” 78DT 1” 118DT 25 FT OUTDOOR TRIPLE OUTLET EXTENSION CORD BASEBOARD HEATER 240 volt. Residential or commercial. Heavy gauge steel, solid element. UL raceway. White and almond. 2K2405 A 3K2407 A 4K2410 A 6K2415 A 27” length 36” length 48” length 72” length 1 $28.42 $32.76 $38.78 $53.83 PREPARE NO NOW NOW!! FFAUCET AUCET COVER FC1. Cold weather foam outdoor faucet cover. PADDED SOFT COVER FOR PADDED OUTDOOR FAUCET FC3/12. Heavily padded soft sock covers. A variety of choices from disposable budget to electrostatic, incl. hard-to-find 4” filters. ECONOMY FAN WALL HEATER Permanently lubed motor. Ni-chrome alloy element. Hi-Limit switch. White. (Thermostat not included) W1215-W 750/1500 W, 120 V $98.88 W2415-W 750/1500 W, 240 V $98.88 W2420-W 1000/2000 W, 240 V $98.88 1299 THERMO CUBE FP015. Thermostatically controlled outlet. Automatically turns power on at 35°, off at 45°. Use with different devices to help save electricity and avoid freeze-ups. Made in the USA ELECTRIC PIPE HEATING CABLE Temperature-controlled cable runs along pipe to prevent freezing. Ready to install. PHC42W06 PHC84W12 PHC168W24 PHC210W30 LWP35YP BZ DL. 35 Watt LED area light with photocell, 3500 lumens, 5000K, 50,000 hrs. PRIME PROTECT YOUR WATER LINES FROM FREEZING. 359 5598 FURNACE FILTERS EC600825. 12 Gauge 15-Amps 1875-Watt. 125-Volt male plug PRIME 74 IQ AMERICA WE NOW CARRY PROGRAMMABLE THERMOSTAT (208) 733-7304 Monday-Friday 8-7 Saturday 8-5:30 Sunday 9-4:30 6’ 12’ 24’ 30’ $22.95 $27.95 $34.95 $38.51 4298 ANTI-BURST HOSE BIBB 19CP 10. 1/2” MIP x 10” anti-burst hose bibb with anti-siphon protection. Also available in 4, 6, 8, 12 & 14 inches. Prices vary per length. Some items limited to retail sales. Certain items may not be readily available at all locations. Special orders available. Prices effective through November 8, 2017.

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