NOTICE OF TRUSTEE'S SALE NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that on 05/30/2018 at the hour of 9:00 AM of said day, in the room of the Red Lion Hotel Canyon Springs, 1357 Blue Lakes Boulevard N, Twin Falls, ID 83301the Trustee will sell at public auction to the highest bidder, for cash in lawful money of the United States of America, all payable at the time of sale, the following described real property situated in the County of Twin Falls, State of Idaho, and described as follows, to-wit: LOT 6, BLOCK 1, WESTWIND SUBDIVISION, TWIN FALLS COUNTY, IDAHO, ACCORDING TO THE OFFICIAL PLAT THEREOF RECORDED IN BOOK 11 OF PLATS, PAGE 56, RECORDS OF TWIN FALLS COUNTY, IDAHO. A.P.N. #: T57010010060 The Seller has no knowledge of a more particular description of the above described real property, but for purposes of compliance with Idaho Code Section 60-113, the Trustee has been informed that the street address of 867 Westwind Drive, Twin Falls, ID 83301, may sometimes be associated with said real property. Said sale will be made, without covenant or warranty regarding title, possession or encumbrances, to satisfy the obligation secured by and pursuant to the power of sale conferred in the Deed of Trust made and entered into on 04/27/2005, by and among Steve C. Lins and Angie Lins, husband and wife., as Grantor, and Title Fact Inc., as Trustee, and Mortgage Electronic Registration Systems, Inc. as nominee for Home Mortgage Resources, Inc. , as Beneficiary; said Deed of Trust having been filed of record on 04/29/2005 as 2005-009105, Official Records of Twin Falls County, Idaho. The naming of the above Grantor(s) is done to comply with Idaho Code Section 45-1506(4)(a); no representation is made as to the responsibility of Grantor(s) for this obligation. The default for which the sale is to be made is that Grantor(s) have failed to pay one or more monthly installment payments under a deed of trust note dated 04/27/2005, secured by the above mentioned Deed of Trust, together with accruing late charges, plus any other charges lawfully due under the note, deed of trust, and Idaho law. The balance owing as of 1/12/2018 on the obligation secured by said Deed of Trust is the amount of $144,503.25; plus service charges, late charges, and any other costs or expenses associated with this foreclosure as provided by the Deed of Trust or Deed of Trust Note, or by Idaho law. Dated this 19th day of January, 2018. Brian G Sayer PUBLISH: February 9, 16, 23 and March 2, 2018


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