By Joe Cadotte

JEROME • Adam Hodges, 34, dedicates his career to providing dental care to as many people as possible, regardless of insurance or income. In the 10 years since he graduated from dental school, he has provided care to thousands of people throughout southern Idaho who would not have otherwise been able to afford it.

When he was hired by Family Health Services in 2005, the nonprofit, income-based organization didn’t offer dental care. Hodges opened the organization’s first dental clinic in Rupert in 2005. Since then, he has opened dental clinics in Burley, Buhl and Fairfield. Hodges is now the dental director of Family Health Services.

“I’m mission oriented,” Hodges said. “I feel strongly about the mission that Family Health Services has that we’re able to do what’s best for the patient without having money be the main principle factor in it. … We’re here to bless the lives of anybody within our community regardless of insurance or income.”

Hodges also created a mobile dental service that provides care to communities throughout south-central Idaho. The clinic is a mobile home retrofitted as a dental office and exam room. Hodges works out of the mobile clinic in Jerome.

In addition to being a pioneer of dental care for Family Health Services, Hodges also takes trips to China where he provides emergency care to orphaned children. Hodges serves on several regional and state dental boards, including as past president of the South-Central Idaho Dental Society and as a board member of the Idaho State Dental Association.

Family Health Services provides physical, behavioral and dental care for those with or without insurance. For those who can’t afford insurance, Family Health will pay for half of any service it provides.

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